1960’s Dress, Strappy Flats, and Dark Lips

Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com

When thrifting the other day, I scored not one, not two, but four beautiful vintage dresses. If you follow me on Snapchat (theeyreeffect) you will have seen all four of them, and this was one of the four. I did not expect to love it as much as I do; it is not my preferred silhouette of a fit-and-flare, it has a higher and ruffled neckline – which I usually avoid — and overall I would not have thought I’d love it on myself. I originally grabbed it with the intent to sell on Etsy.

But as soon as I put it on, I knew it would be staying in my closet. The colors are so gorgeous, the pattern is so fun, it’s such a beautifully made 60’s dress, and it’s perfect for fall. Plus, I have been trying to push myself to wear silhouettes that I wouldn’t normally choose. Things that I would normally look at and think “well, if only I were skinnier.”Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com

I already knew the outfit I would be putting together with this dress. I was wearing these shoes on thrifting day, and this scarf has been aching to be worn. Plus, this gorgeous Stila lipcolor is nearly a perfect match for the maroons in the dress!

Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com I can already feel the creative juices flowing for fall blogging. The other three dresses are waiting to be styled in my closet, and I am excited to put together some earth-toned outfits as the weather cools down and tights become a possibility! Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com

It’s amazing what will happen when you add things to your wardrobe that actually fit! I’ve become more active on my YouTube channel again, and have decided to keep things simple with some OOTD videos and lookbook-type things. If you subscribe over there, you may even see outfits before they hit the blog! I do eventually want to produce special only-on-YouTube content, but for now this is what I have time for.

I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day!

Vintage dress | Amazon shoes | thrifted scarf | gift earrings | Stila liquid lipstick in Chianti Retro Fall | eyreeffect.com






  • Aw, you’re such a doll Kristina, loved watching your youtube video + your dress was such a fantastic score. Love good thrifting days!! And as for fall blogging? Right there with ya, so darn excited!! xo


  • I love these colors on you! I mean, I think I love a lot of colors on you, but this palette works so well with your features and dark hair! Also, COME AT ME, FALL BLOGGING!


  • Noelle

    Good for you for doing something out of your comfort zone! That dress looks great on you and who could resist those colors! Oh, my gosh! I can really see that touch of edge in this outfit. You look chic, vintage, but also kind of tough and artsy. I dig it!