Autumn Bounty || feat Lindy Bop

The turning of autumn for me is marked by the ripeness of its bounty: the apples and the pumpkins and the grapes that offer themselves up in generous amounts. We visit my parents’ farm often in this season to pick apples, which then get made into applesauce, apple butter, and apple pies. This year has been their most fruitful (pun intended!) and I hope to try many recipes featuring apples. I picked nearly 50 pounds of apples the other day, and I only hope my family doesn’t get sick of apples before we finish them off!

Pumpkins, too, are prevalent of course, it being autumn and pumpkins being the feature of the season. I’ve already made two pumpkin pies, a pumpkin cake, and pumpkin muffins, and I have an entire half of a pumpkin to use up yet! While I love everything pumpkin, I have to admit pumpkin spice lattes are one of my least favorite drinks. Perhaps if they were less sweet I would love them more. Amongst my favorite drinks this season are smooth black coffee and apple spice tea. I’ve grown to love stronger, less sweet flavors lately and delight in the almost savory taste of coffee in the mornings, the kick of a spice-filled tea in the afternoons, and the warmth of chamomile at night. 

 Claudine Pumpkin Patch Dress c/o Lindy Bop | Boots, Amazon | hat, vintage (similar) | coat, vintage (similar and similar) | picnic basket, thrifted (similar) | brooch, thrifted (similar and similar and similar)

As I enjoy the flavors of the season, I also notice the textures. The wild moss on a fence post, the rustling smoothness of tall grasses, the slick shine of bright leaves, the rough rust of the wires holding up a bounty of grapes. The world is so beautifully textured in these cold crisp days. I find myself paying attention to the smaller details as I go about my day, discovering little mushrooms in the holes of old stumps, noticing the early morning fog as the sun rises, spotting a beautiful leaf that falls from the trees. I feel as though my soul comes alive in autumn; my creativity spikes, my days become more productive, my excitement for life grows. As cliche as it is for every blogger out there, fall really is my favorite season.

And, what could be more perfect for fall than this glorious Claudine dress from LindyBop? The pumpkin print is one of my absolute favorites in my wardrobe this season! With the pretty pale blue collar, the matching belt, and, of course, the ever-loved pockets, I can find no fault with this gorgeous dress. I love that the multicolored pumpkins make for a vast array of styling options, and the pretty little detail of the arm ties make it extra special. I cannot wait to wear this again and again —  I’ve already worn it three times in the short week and a half that I’ve had it!

As you can tell by this blog post and photo session, I’m wildly in love with the dress, the season, the styling… and I had a hard time narrowing down my photos. I can only hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

 Claudine Pumpkin Patch Dress c/o Lindy Bop | Boots, Amazon | hat, vintage (similar) | coat, vintage (similar and similar) | picnic basket, thrifted (similar) | brooch, thrifted (similar and similar and similar