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One thing I have noticed this Autumn is that my style is shifting ever so slightly once again. Through the past two years or so, I had honed in on a very specifically 1950’s feeling, gathering up loads of vintage dresses and accessories that emphasized that. It was the epitome of everything I’d ever thought I wanted with my style… and yet, I felt something missing. That something, I realized recently, is a bit of a fairytale. That touch of storyteller. Something a little fantastical.

Many people began to follow my blog nearly ten years ago because of my writing. When I first started my “internet presence” as an introverted seventeen year old, it wasn’t through blogging or MySpace or any of those early 2000’s things: it was via FictionPress. I uploaded a short story or poetry or something of the sort and thus began my love for creating content. Three years later, I started this blog as a way to journal life outside of writing. By that time. I had amassed a fairly large following through my writing and I wanted to share more of myself. Though I still went by a pseudonym, and would for many years to come, I began to share tidbits of life, and then photography and then, after a fairly large weight loss and finding Selective Potential and What I Wore, I shared my first outfit post.  LindyBop Halloween x1 (55 of 66)

Dress, c/o Lindy Bop | tights (old) c/o We Love Colors | boots, thrifted (similar) | blouse, thrifted (similar) | purse, gift (same here) | brooch, similar here

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  Since then my style has evolved through many stages, but always holding on to a vintage look and finally now settling into something a little whimsical, heavily vintage or vintage-inspired, and, these days, saturated with richer and darker colors for the fall and winter months. This beautiful lace dress from Lindy-Bop fills the hole in my closet of a solid-color dress to layer with blouses or interesting tights and jazz up with whatever accessories I want. Its subtle brocade pattern gives it more interest than a plain black dress, and it’s stretchy in all the right ways. Perfect for remixing!

I have always loved patterns, and only recently realized I need more solids in my closet to remix and rewear. One of my goals this season and this year is to remix more; that used to be a basis of my blog! But my closet has grown exponentially and I find myself reaching for the new rather than finding creative ways to rewear old favorites.

I caLindyBop Halloween x1 (28 of 66)LindyBop Halloween x1 (66 of 66)c2LindyBop Halloween x1 (29 of 66)nnot wait to pull out old favorites this season and find new ways to wear them. What are you looking forward to wearing this fall (or spring, if you live in the opposite seasonal spectrum!)

Dress, c/o Lindy Bop | tights (old) c/o We Love Colors | boots, thrifted (similar) | blouse, thrifted (similar) | purse, gift (same here) | brooch, similar here

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