Bohemian Farm Girl

I thrifted this 1970’s dress over the weekend, when my husband and I were on our overnight Valentine’s day trip to Port Townsend. Other than the fact that I love slightly over-the-top vintage, I primarily bought it for a hopeful future photo shoot with a few friends, as I want to stage a fake bride-and-bridesmaids… Read More Bohemian Farm Girl

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Chevron Stripes

If ever there was a perfect “I’m lazy, but I want to look good” dress, this is it. It’s got all the color and pattern it needs, so it takes literally no work to style or wear it. Throw on sandals an earrings, and we’re good to go. I love it. It’s also a nice… Read More Chevron Stripes

Fashion, Pregnancy

The Cat’s Meow

Okay, I have to say: this is probably my favorite outfit I have worn in… a really long time. I LOVE this shirt (and please tell me nobody ever tried wearing this as a dress. That’s where I found it, in the dress section at the thrift store…), and while I’m usually all about lots… Read More The Cat’s Meow