Bohemian Farm Girl

Bohemian Farm Girl | www.eccentricowl.comBohemian Farm Girl | I thrifted this 1970’s dress over the weekend, when my husband and I were on our overnight Valentine’s day trip to Port Townsend. Other than the fact that I love slightly over-the-top vintage, I primarily bought it for a hopeful future photo shoot with a few friends, as I want to stage a fake bride-and-bridesmaids woodland wedding shoot in the summer.

But the other day, as I envisioned the shoot, I thought… why not pull it out and do my own photoshoot, right now? And then I wondered: why don’t people wear stuff like this all the time? Because, you guys. I felt pretty fabulous. I think IĀ  need to get over those insecurities of going out in something incredibly different, and just… dress like this more often. Bohemian Farm Girl | I think getting dressed in something pretty every day hugely helps right now, going through this phase of trying not to compare myself to other people, and trying to regain some confidence. To be honest, at this point in pregnancy I just feel… not fat, really, but not pregnant, either. Bloated, perhaps. I don’t feel like this belly is a pregnant one yet. It’s so interesting to me, the difference between my first pregnancy and my second — at this point with Asa, I definitely felt pregnant, and the belly definitely felt like baby and not fat.Bohemian Farm Girl |

And it’s rare for me now to feel really fantastic these days, but this dress did it! I suspect false lashes and flowers in my hair also had something to do with that, but really… twirly dresses always make me feel better. Twirly dresses, flowers, and sunshine. Is there anything better? Bohemian Farm Girl | www.eccentricowl.comBohemian Farm Girl | Bohemian Farm Girl | Ā  I am so looking forward to the spring! As I mentioned a little while ago, my mom and I are going to garden, and I cannot wait to dig in (pun intended) and start growing things. I’ve always loved playing in the dirt, and gardening is basically just a more grown-up way to do that. We ordered seeds yesterday, so now we have to convince my husband to till up the dirt for us, and maybe build a few garden boxes so we can get planting come March.

I truly am a farm girl at heart. Bohemian Farm Girl | Bohemian Farm Girl | www.eccentricowl.comBohemian Farm Girl |

Vintage dress, thrifted | flowers, old | sandals and ring, Target

A farm girl obsessed with twirly skirts.

I guess I never grew out of my propensity to wear frilly dresses and play in the dirt.


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  • Mariecarolk

    My goodness this is beautiful! I just adore whenever you dress in that sort of 70s vibe style. I think it is my favorite “vintage” on you by far. No need to feel insecure (easier said than done, I know) but you can totally pull it off.

    Xoxo Marie

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you!
      I think it’s less an insecurity in so far as thinking maybe I look weird, and more of an insecurity about standing out from the crowd. Left over from my chubby days, not wanting to be noticed, you know? Because I feel pretty, but I know this is just not the norm, and people will notice, and even though I love people, getting attention is intimidating sometimes. It’s kind of like… I feel as though people might see me in this and think I’m just trying to get noticed, which isn’t the case.
      But, you know. I need to just get over it.

  • dani

    You look so spring-y and fabulous! And I agree… why don’t we wear fabulous vintage all the time? I’ve been trying harder to wear my favorite pieces and just not care what anyone thinks… and I end up feeling amazing, and getting compliments! You totally rock this dress and I think it’s perfect!

    • Eccentric Owl

      It’s always hard to talk yourself into wearing vintage that isn’t in the “normal” range of what people would wear (you see lots of 50’s housewife or 60’s mod, but not much of anything else!) but I agree; every time I actually go out wearing something different, I always feel great and people take notice in a good way!

      Thank you!

  • Justina Kenyon

    I love this look! The picture of you leaning against the shed and the two below it make you look like mother nature. So beautiful. I have a couple vintage dresses from the ’70’s that were my great aunts and I wear them as much as I can. I also end up with dirty hems and stains because clothes are meant to be lived in and sometimes I like living in the dirt šŸ™‚

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Justina! I always feel more compelled to do mother nature-y shoots when pregnant; it just suits so well. And yes! My vintage generally gets dirty, because, you know, every day life… they’re meant to be worn!

  • Runes and Rhinestones

    I love your dress! I join you in feeling happiest when you’re all dressed up, but it can be difficult to put yourself out there in what you were every day.

  • Marlen

    I second you with that one- *everyone* should dress this fabulously and all the time. You have the most amazing luck with thrifted dresses- I’d probably have a mini heart attack upon seeing something like that. I love those soft, smooth pleats.

    And ooo I’m very interested over this woodland wedding idea! I really hope you do it; I’d love to see those dreamy pictures šŸ™‚

    xo marlen
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  • Victoria

    Wow Kristi; you look stunning!! Like some mysterious godess or something in a fairy tale;)) Just wanted to say that you are even more beautiful on the inside; so kind and loving. God is truly using you to bless others all the time; even when you don’t know it.

    Your Cousin (one of many)

  • bambi ademi

    I don’t know whether this may be a weird compliment but you have really beautiful hands. They’re are so graceful.