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Twanoh State Park

I apologize ahead of time because this is going to be a REALLY photo-heavy post. We took these pictures right before I re-dyed my hair, and I was too impatient (as always) to share them before I shared my new haircolor. I had nearly forgotten about them! But I was sick yesterday, and I’m lazy… Read More Twanoh State Park


You’re a Hoot

This weekend, my husband and I are going to start in on another short film, this time just for fun. He’s had this idea to do a Red Riding Hood story for a while, but since we have no deadlines it’s just been simmering on a back burner and we’ve been procrastinating. But he wants… Read More You’re a Hoot


The Impossible Astronaut

Today’s character-inspired outfit isn’t as perfect as yesterday’s, but I still like it. And hey, it’s the best I could do considering this is the only plaid shirt I own, it’s raining, and I have a photoshoot to do today. In the rain. And I still really like this outfit, which is surprising considering I’m… Read More The Impossible Astronaut



One of the reasons I try to blog every day is so that I actually get dressed every day. I’m not going to lie: if you don’t see a blog post, that means I’m spending the day in my yoga pants and this tee shirt. But recently, my husband jokingly said “One of these days,… Read More Transitioning