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The Impossible Astronaut | www.eccentricowl.comThe Impossible Astronaut | Today’s character-inspired outfit isn’t as perfect as yesterday’s, but I still like it. And hey, it’s the best I could do considering this is the only plaid shirt I own, it’s raining, and I have a photoshoot to do today. In the rain.

And I still really like this outfit, which is surprising considering I’m wearing jeans. And I’m not a fan of jeans on me. The Impossible Astronaut |

So weird story: a few months ago I got this email from some guy asking if I would wear a plaid shirt for him, because apparently he has a collection on Flickr of photos of women wearing plaid shirts for him.The Impossible Astronaut |

I didn’t reply, because when I get creeper emails I just ignore them, but I was really tempted to shoot back an email saying all sorts of things about how firstly, I’m married so there is no way on earth I would be complying to another man’s requests for my clothing choices, and secondly, it’s inappropriate to ask a complete stranger to fulfill your fetishes online, and thirdly, NO. I just… sigh.¬† It still gives me the creeps, and I almost didn’t want to share the outfit today¬† because of it. But you know what? I like plaid shirts. And I’m not going to let some random stranger on the internet control what I post. The Impossible Astronaut | www.eccentricowl.comThe Impossible Astronaut | www.eccentricowl.comSo… here we are.

How would you guys have dealt with that email? I’m really not a confrontational person, so unless I get something overtly inappropriate, like borderline harassment, I generally¬† ignore it all.The Impossible Astronaut | But on to other things! I am a little bit nervous about today’s photoshoot, because I’ll have to wrangle the camera while holding an umbrella (and I may use the tripod to help out) aand… I still get nervous about doing family shoots.

I shouldn’t, though. I didn’t get to share my last one with you guys: it’s my brother and his family, and I LOVED the way it turned out! They are so cute. I have a few ideas for today; we’re definitely going to utilize the barn, and the wooded area (hopefully the light isn’t too bad there), and umbrellas. I’ve been doing a mad search on Pinterest all morning for ideas! Ah. I hope they turn out, and I hope the family likes them!The Impossible Astronaut | www.eccentricowl.comThe Impossible Astronaut | We’ve decided to take Asa trick-or-treating this year, even though he’s totally not old enough for candy (we’re just going to.. you know… eat it all) because his cousins are going and it will just be really fun to do! The Impossible Astronaut |

Thrifted shirt | Target jeans | JC Penney boots

And I’d better go, because the munchkin is awake from his nap, and I’ve got 15 minutes to prepare myself (like, you know, eat breakfast) before the family gets here for our shoot!

Happy Tuesday!

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  • skye

    Happy first-ever trick-or-treating! You’ll love it. ^.^

    Re: creeper e-mails – usually I try to confuse the senders so thoroughly that it brings the power in the situation back to me. I’ll send pictures of giraffes or replies in different languages. It’s not rude, but it’s jarring enough to hopefully make them think twice about sending such messages.

  • Terri Rupp

    I’ve never gotten a creeper email like that, but I have gotten an email from someone saying they are going to pray for me and my family. So glad you decided to take your little guy tick or treating. I can’t wait to see the Halloween photos I’m sure you’ll be posting.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Yeah, I have gotten emails from very nice and well-meaning women about parenting tactics (and I really do mean nice and well meaning! I have a great readership!), but that one… was weird. I also got an email with the pickup line “are you from heaven? Because I think they’re missing an angel” a LONG time ago. I was amused.

      I’m excited to do trick-or-treating! I’ll definitely try to take pictures and post them, hopefully it won’t be too dark! If nothing else, we’ll take costume pictures!

  • Kezzie

    OOoh, I’d have been very creeped out by that! A blog reader (male) who is complimentary and kind asked me to send any outtakes of any posts of me with some coloured tights which kind of made me a bit perplexed, even though I think he was just being nice.

    By the way,I love that you dressed up as Amy Pond! I’ve dressed up as Clara Oswald about 3 times in the last couple of weeks and posted them which has been funny!
    You have beautiful hair!


    Kezzie AG

    • Eccentric Owl

      Oh, interesting! I’ve gotten followers and comments on Instagram from tights fetishists anytime I post an outfit with tights, but they never make requests, thankfully!

      I love it! I dressed as Clara a little bit before I dyed my hair red, and it was so fun! I’ve also done River Song. But you know, red hair means Amy! I bet your outfits were so fun!

    • skye

      I too have had a male reader request my colored-tights outtakes! Either it’s the same person or tights fetishists are more numerous than I’d ever thought. o.O

  • Salazar

    I think jeans look fantastic on you. It’s a great Amy costume, at any rate.

    And yeah, I’ve gotten a few emails from tight fetishists, but I just ignore them. Thankfully they are not persistent and will go away after one or two emails.

  • Jamie Rose

    When I get creeper emails and messages I just ignore them. I hate that they think they can demand me to wear something. Even the asking is creepy. I understand. I’ve never heard of plaid shirt fetishists though! Ew.

    Anyway, I’m loving the change to bright red hair. Welcome to the club! I think this plaid shirt and the jeans look great on you too!

    Jamie |

  • Lyndsey

    Fortunately I’ve never gotten a creeper email to that extent, but I have found photos of myself in “fetish albums” floating around on flickr like that. I just never got asked if they could use my photo, hence the photos still being there and me having no idea how to remove it lol. I did however find someone using my photos, name, everything else as a fake user on social media. That extremely freaked me out lol, especially when they were like “I’m a 17 year old plus size model..” haha.

    I love the way you look in jeans (and plaid!) it’s a gorgeous look on you. I hope your photo shoot went good as well, it’s always annoying to do them in the rain or even a slight drizzle. When Josh and I did photo shoots I would always try to avoid the rain as much as possible, even though I love rain. It just made me super cranky super easy when I was constantly sliding all over the place and my hair/clothes/camera was soaked haha.