Makeup and Beauty

Suffice it to Say I Have Too Much Time on My Hands.

I’ve been on a makeup craze lately, if you couldn’t tell. So I was going to do a fairy today,but then realized that I don’t have very much green eyeshadow… and then found some gold glitter…and… well… this is what happened:

Yeah. I have a lot of free time.

I could very happily live in this makeup.

Well, except for maybe the lips. The lips are just uncomfortable. And sorta crunchy. And they make it difficult to eat, which is the more important part. And I’ve just inhaled some glitter.

But the rest of it? Yeah. I could live in it.

I don’t even mind not having eyebrows.



  • Bethly

    Oh goodness!! We should really live closer to each other! I could drag you along to the costume parties I get invited to and you could do my makeup! I’m not a makeup artist. I can copy looks if I have a reference picture, but I’m really not creative in that area when left to my own devices.

    I LOVE the dress and the cloak you put with it. *gushes* Amazing. 🙂

    • Mara

      I agree, we really should. I would LOVE that! Hehe. I… can never actually get my makeup to look like what it looked like in my head when I’m doing this, but I am usually always happy with what it ends up as. I was going to be a fairy, all nature-y and stuff. Didn’t work. 😀 Meh. It was still fun. I wish I hadn’t had to wash it off…

      Thank you! I love that dress… I think I got it at a thrift store for five dollars. (That’s where most of my costumes come from.) And the cape is just a piece of green cloth gathered in two places and given two strings for a tie. Hehe.

      • Bethly

        The worst part of makeup is when it has to come off!! Just got back a couple hours ago from the costume party. It was… nice, but not too exciting. I have a few pictures. 🙂 I’ll get those out eventually.

        Nice!!! Well the cloak looks fantastic! Oh all my costumes come from thrift stores. Today I got a really pretty purple Victorian gown for $7!! I was jumping up and down in the store because I couldn’t believe no one had snatched it up! 😀 Mine.

        Hahaha! Wonderful!! Oh good, I just barely qualify for the height part. 😛 But… I maaay be a stalker with a (fake) fluffy beard who sometimes resembles a dog. Will this really be a problem?

        • Mara

          It is. I loooved this makeup SO much… sigh. I so didn’t want to remove it! I’m glad you took pictures; I want to see! 😀

          That sounds amazing! I love finds like that!

          Hehe. Well… I think you’ll qualify. 😀

    • Mara

      Oh, and I was also going to say CONGRATULATIONS! Yours is the 1,000th comment! You have won the piece of banana that I just dropped on the floor! You must redeem your prize within the next 3 days before it goes moldy and gets thrown out into the trash, or someone steps on it. As an added bonus, you have also won one strand of hair and four pieces of glitter that were also on the floor!

      Must be taller than 4’3″ in order to qualify. Offer not valid for stalkers, dogs, or people with unusually fluffy beards.