Happy Caturday!

My first outfit of the new year:

Yes, I am standing on a chair. There was nowhere else to stand… that had good light. And there might be spiders on the floor! Did you want me to DIE?

Okay, but mostly it’s just that my room is a tornado and I didn’t feel like cleaning it just to get a good shot of my outfit.


I just realized that my daily outfits revolve mostly around which pair of tights I’m going to wear (or can find first).  I love fashion, but I love being warm even more. And since I don’t wear pants, I must first choose which color of warmth is going to envelop my legs.

That sounded really strange.

Oh well.

Happy first day of 2011!




  • Sarah

    I play board games like that too :).

    Love the outfit, and I actually love that you’re standing on a chair… I did instantly think that there may be spiders on the floor.

    • Mara

      It’s the only way to play!

      Hehe, yeah. I kind of like standing on the chair, even though I almost fell off a few times. It’s a flattering camera angle, and the light is really good. And the background. So I might just do all my outfit pictures on chairs. Hehe.