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    I’d rather be napping.

    Word of advice: Don’t wear above-the-knee wrap dresses on windy days. Things happen when you’re walking through the parking lot with your hands full. Things that make life really awkward. I’m like an old lady. I peer over my glasses already. And is it just me, or do my eyes look kind of orange today? OH EM GEE I’m turning into a vampire! Okay. Maybe not. Details: Dress, $25; Necklace, $3; Shoes, $Ihavenoidea Approximate outfit cost:  $28+… something.

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    Be Mine

        This is my second choice for today. My first choice was a red dress- of course, for Valentine’s day- but when I woke up this morning, I discovered a large white stain right in the front that won’t wash out. I hope it’s not bleach or something. SO this is my second choice.  I love yellow. I’m  mad at my camera for brightening the color to white. ARGH. Hearts! I forgot I had this bracelet. I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s day. And if you’re depressed that you don’t have a date, cheer up! At least God loves you, even if no one else will. 😀…

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    Prognosticating. (Not really. It’s just fun to say.)

    the horizon Originally uploaded by brookeshaden Weekly Writing Challenge One entry this week! There would have been two, but I was a slacker and I have yet to finish mine. Maybe later today? I don’t know. More like… later this year. Ha! Red By Bethie M.W. Excerpt: She didn’t know who she was, where she was, how she got there. A brush with a branch, a shadow flitting by, goose bumps on her arms, a memory. They were all the same to her; vague, abstract things that she couldn’t fit into a complete picture. She was dream-walking. Or maybe this endless trek was real and she’d only dreamt that she…

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    WWC: the creepy edition. Wait… when is it ever not creepy?

    Blank canvas Originally uploaded by Miss Aniela Weekly Writing Challenge One entry this week- thank you Avra for making the rest of us look like slackers- and it’s pretty good! Hopefully the new picture will inspire us all to write something this week- although right now I’m more inspired to… take a nap. The Man By Avra-Sha Faohla Excerpt: The Man is out there, waiting for you. He sits upon a chair at the edge of the world, on a mountain of destruction, silent and motionless. One might think he was not living, for he stays in that position day after day – but he is far more alive than…

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