I have vlogged. I am now a nerd. Officially.

Because vlogging is what makes you super nerdy, right?

That’s what they say, anyway.

But yes, it is true. I have made a vlog which I plan to share with you in this post, but not before I inform you that I have decided mostly without your votes to replace my food/health, photoblog, and caturday blogs with letters, vlogging (maybe), and fashion. I think those three categories will fit my lifestyle and my interests much more than the previous ones.

Oh, but for those of you who did like the caturday posts, I’ll make a static page on which I’ll regularly post my favorite lolcats. Hopefully you can live without the Saturday lolcat blog. (I can.)

And with some nervousness and no further ado, a vlog:

Or a half-vlog, anyway. The other half is poem reading, to keep  myself from rambling on forever.

If it works out, I’m going to keep vlogging on Fridays. We shall see. Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t be reading this poem or something else for every vlog. Now that I’ve broken that frontier and found it’s not as scary as I thought it would be, I’ll probably ramble on about whatever comes to mind. I’ll try to choose a subject and stick to it. But I won’t read you something every time.

So basically, I’d be actually doing a real vlog. 😉

I guess I’ll give you a little say in it:


This is my favorite shirt. It’s got birds on it. I love it.

And I also have birdie earrings. I’m all bird today.