Goals and Polls

So I’m sitting here with  no makeup, wet hair that’s currently falling out of a bun, in a dress and tights, and with only one shoe on.

That should give you a picture of how scattered my brain is today.

First off… I’m thinking about getting rid of the food day. I mean, I love food and all, but whenever I sit down on Thursdays I can’t think of anything good to blog about. I’m just not a food writer.

I’ve actually been thinking about replacing Thursdays-Saturdays, because they’re all topics that I like but that… I generally don’t have much to say about. Since I like to have pictures in my daily posts, I don’t always have pictures to share solely on Fridays, and I like Caturdays but I’m still… I just don’t like having an entire post about things that I didn’t create. That sounds like I want this blog to be all about me and not anything else… so narcissistic. Then again, it is my blog. And it’s sort of like a journal for me, only less revealing of all my secrets.

And I have many. (insert evil laugh here.)

BUT anyway. I think what I’m mostly trying to say is that I want to write about things that I like to write about and know I can make a good post of, and also write about things that you want to read about. To me, going on about my ups and downs and weight problems isn’t very interesting. I’ll make this post a health post, but I’m going to make two polls and y’all can vote for the topics you like and the ones you don’t like…and we’ll go from there.

I weighed myself this morning with the Wii, and it told me that I haven’t gained or lost any weight since I last weighed myself… which was… a week ago? But on the good side of things, I’m three pounds less than I thought I was. And I have a high-end-of-normal bmi. (rather, highest-end-of-normal.)

As of today, in order to reach my goal weight of 130-135, I need to lose 29-24 pounds. But right now I’m just going to focus on getting from my current weight (159) to 150 pounds. I really need to quit eating chips (sugar free and baked, still not the best snack) and start eating fruits and vegetables. It’s shameful  how little veggies I ate last week. In fact, I think… I can only remember one day of eating veggies, and that was last Thursday- the day I made a really good Greek(ish) salad.

I also need to completely abstain from all the foods I know I am allergic or intolerant to. I had some chips with sugar in them yesterday, and within two hours the blemishes on my cheeks and chin had gotten redder and more swollen, and I had a few little spots of hives on my stomach. So y’know. I really, really shouldn’t eat sugar.

The hardest thing to avoid- mostly just because I like the flavor so much- is onions and everything in that family. I’m intolerant to garlic and onions, which means my body doesn’t digest the foods and that results in indigestion. Not good for me. Eggs and sugar are the easiest things to avoid. I don’t like eggs and never have- they’ve always given me a stomach ache- and I haven’t been craving sugar for a very long time.

So my goals this week are to eat a whole lot more vegetables and fruits, actually eat breakfast instead of just drinking coffee, and drink more water.

We’ll see how it goes.

On to the polls!

The three subjects that I would be replacing would be food/health, my week in photos, and caturdays. The reasons: I get bored writing about my diet (it partly feels like whining), I would rather just include pictures in my daily posts thus ridding me of the need to have a photo-only blog post,  and while caturdays are fun, I don’t like having posts that aren’t at least partly original to me. (Aka… I’d rather have me writing my own view of things than just having an entire post full of things I didn’t make and don’t really have anything to say about.)

If I were to get rid of the Caturday post, I might possibly make a page that I will update daily or weekly with my favorite Caturday pictures. That way, it wouldn’t be completely gone but it wouldn’t be a weekly blog post.

The subjects I could write about: Fashion, music/video, and… probably another journal entry, as I’ve been having a lot of topics I want to write about but don’t actually have a daily category for.

Fashion would include fashion inspiration, clothes and jewelry I like or want, maybe a fantasy outfit I’ve made on polyvore, posts like the Ring, ring! post yesterday in which I went on about…rings… and the week in outfits (maybe a poll on which one was the best?)

Music/video would  be me sharing some favorite songs with you that I’ve heard, and on occasion funny or inspiring videos that I’ve seen throughout the week. So I suppose in a way it’s like caturday, where I’m sharing things that aren’t original to myself, but I like the idea better as it’s sharing something that I care more about than funny lolcat pictures. I think that’s more what I was trying to say about my blog content- I want the posts to be about things that I care about and really want to share.

And the other journal entry, well. Sometimes I do photoshoots I want to share- pictures of my family, of places I’ve gone that week, etc- sometimes I have a subject I just need to expand on (like the post yesterday about my writing being hypocritical), and… I don’t know. I just like having the option of having another journal entry.

Oh! But I did just think of another category that I always like doing- letters. I would like to incorporate more letters to various people or subjects into my blog. So there’s that.

As well, if there’s something you’ve seen me blog about in the past that you really liked, you could suggest that I blog about that- or if there’s a subject you think I’d like writing about… suggest. I don’t intend to make my blog fully reader- controlled  because I don’t have that many readers and it’s my blog, but I do want your intake. Because I like having readers and commenters.

So vote.  And comment, if you want.

Okay. I’m off to the bank.



I really, really, really wanted to wear these shoes today. The first outfit I chose made my legs look really stumpy. Booties are hard to wear for people who aren’t skinny and super tall.

Those earrings never want to go through my ears. It’s very annoying. Also, kind of hurts sometimes.

Booties! The only pair I own, and the only ones I’ve ever seen that I liked.

P.S. I really love this jacket.