Owl love you forever

Happy Saturday!

I’m still trying to figure out a good format for the fashion posts. I feel like I need to introduce them, sort of, so that y’all know what will be going on. But I haven’t figured out what all is going on yet. So it’s not working as smoothly as I had hoped.

First of all, I’d like to do a rundown of the week’s outfits… because I saw someone else do this and I kind of liked it. It might reveal a theme. Or maybe not. (Click on it to see the bigger picture.)

and then there’s today:

I really don’t have a theme. Which outfit was your favorite? (As a side note, I hadn’t realized that I posted an outfit every day this week. I can’t believe it!)

My style inspiration- one I’ve just discovered- is Zooey Deschanel. I very much like the way she dresses. Vintage. And she also has really pretty hair.

(I don’t like ALL of those, but most of them are cute. And I want the gown.)

I want that. Very much.

I had more planned, but I’m a little tired. I just got home from work. NEXT Saturday… I’ll have to preplan the post because it’s a wedding day and I’m the maid-of-honor. So you’ll get to see my dress, and possibly the bride’s dress. It will be fun.

Sorry this is such a lame post!


OH I almost forgot: My outfit was half-inspired by the new (adorable) wallet I just bought:

It is my new favorite thing. It’s colorful AND it’s an owl!!! Squeeee!!!


  • Sarah

    Not lame at all! Zooey Deschanel is so cute, and a pretty great actress too. I love her style, cute and retro and just fun! Love the gown too!

    So I liked this. I liked the recap of your week in fashion, and that I could vote for my favorite (because I’m hoping that I get to borrow the one I voted for as a thank you for voting, which was #1 btw). I also liked that you featured someone who is inspiration for your own fashion and posted pictures of some of her outfits.

    So, I think this is a pretty great start! Maybe as well as featuring a person who’s fashion inspires you, you could also feature something else you use for inspiration… colors, pictures that present an idea, etc. if you get my meaning… I wasn’t very clear.

    • Mara

      I’m glad you didn’t think it was lame. I think mostly I just haven’t figured out how to organize the post yet, so… it was a little random, to me. But yes- I do want to include colors and other pictures that inspire my style, as well as people. And I want to include some of my favorite fashion bloggers or outfits from Chictopia that I love. So y’know. Next week’s post will hopefully be full of more fun stuff.

      But good! I’m glad you liked the voting thing! I thought it was kinda fun. 😀

      And yes, you may steal it if it fits.

  • Bethly

    Wow. I just realized after voting for I Got Sunshine that I’m wearing almost the exact same thing. Yellow dress, black shrug, hair pulled back. I just love yellow! It’s so sunshiney! And I adore all your outfits, but 6 & 7 come in a close second. And may I just say your hair is absolutely adorable in today’s outfit. Goodness!

    I love Zooey!! This post with the outfits and her and everything put a line from her song in my head “…and I like your style!”

    That wallet is amazing. 🙂

    • Mara

      Hahaha! That’s really funny! We’re twins! 😀
      Thank you. It’s the first time I’ve worn it down in forever- everyone at work was like “I love your hair, when did you cut it???” and I was like… um… last January…?

      Me too. She’s got such a cute style- I think my favorite thing about her fashion is that she’s almost always wearing a bow or flower or something in her hair.

      Isn’t it? I saw it and I HAD to buy it (and it was on sale for $7) because it’s an owl, which… is my obsession…and it’s bright colors. Which I love. 😀

      • Bethly

        Haha! It never ceases to amaze me what people at my work notice. Maybe it’s because I’m horribly unobservant that I can’t imagine other people being so perceptive, but whenever I do anything different to my hair, everyone’s on it at once. “Did you dye it?” “You wore it half down today, didn’t you?” “Oh, I like your cameo hair tie thing!” “Did you curl it differently?” I’d be less in awe if they were all the girls I work with, but some of the guys are pretty hair conscious, too. 😛

        *sigh* I need more flower clip things for my hair. I think I have… 0. That’s sad. Definitely need more.

        Oooo, huzzah! 😀 Fantastic find!

        • Mara

          Yeah, I’m not really much of a hair-obsessed person. I never notice unless it’s a really drastic change. I’m with you there. 😀

          You know, none of my flowers are actually made to be in hair. I found this one in a box of fabric, I think… and I have one that I got off of a gift bag… and… yeah. I find them in random places.