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    Graphic cardigan and star-print tights

    The stars in her eyes Reflect the grandiose dreams of One who has seen it all, yet Desperately hopes for more Dreamer, is she Creator of worlds beyond the seen Harbinger of the doom or success Of fictional creatures she hoards In the depths of her mind’s palaces Dreamer, Lost and found again Rejecting the hard cold truth for A prison of faeries’ making Buried deep beneath the intoxication Of voraciously consuming words Breathing in the scent of Pages long since penned by Authors whose bodies rot And feed the needs of the earth’s fauna And flora Dress and tights, Target | cardigan and necklace, c/o Oasap | boots, Kohl’s…

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    The Key to My Heart

    I have the key to my heart around my neck and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am.  I want to fall in love today; the sky is grey and chilly, but it wouldn’t matter…  … if only you found me… Our love would be breathless; A melody not unlike the stars’ dazzling song- Full of untold wonders that can only be felt, not heard.  And you are like the sand; Which grain are you, and when will the sea bring you to me? The key to my heart hangs around my neck, and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am.  Dress, thrifted. Headband (necklace): Forever 21…

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    I have vlogged. I am now a nerd. Officially.

    Because vlogging is what makes you super nerdy, right? That’s what they say, anyway. But yes, it is true. I have made a vlog which I plan to share with you in this post, but not before I inform you that I have decided mostly without your votes to replace my food/health, photoblog, and caturday blogs with letters, vlogging (maybe), and fashion. I think those three categories will fit my lifestyle and my interests much more than the previous ones. Oh, but for those of you who did like the caturday posts, I’ll make a static page on which I’ll regularly post my favorite lolcats. Hopefully you can live without…

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