Kitties and weddings and yellow hats, oh my!

I was the maid-of-honor in a wedding today. Yesterday, the bride and I spent all day wandering around a thrift/vintage store trying on all the hats and taking pictures of all the cats we could find. It was SO much fun! And the wedding today went off with only one hitch, and that hitch was incredibly minor.

I love weddings.

Since I’m incredibly exhausted now, I’m just going to share my favorite pictures from this week/weekend with you. Not a lot of pictures of the wedding, unfortunately, but… I got some interesting shots. 🙂

First up, my cat… was being cute.

Next, the bride-to-be (at the time) and I had a bunch of fun on Friday wandering through a vintage/thrift store. We tried on all the vintage hats and took pictures of all the cats we could find.

Okay… I may have to get some frames like this when I get my glasses updated. I kind of like the way they look. They’re quirky.

We found this little toy- I wish I’d gotten a longer video of it, but… it’s so cute!

We’re hot. 😉

And I found my true love.  So he’s made out of plastic and barely five inches tall,  but I still love him.

I… don’t even know…

And then there was the day of the wedding. Today. Wow, it already feels like forever ago.

In lieu of a cake, they had wedding cupcakes. So cute.

That’s all I got of the wedding day. I thought I’d taken more pictures, but apparently not. None of the others turned out very well.

Fortunately, I took some pictures of my dress before the wedding. I love it.

I’m gonna go relax. Being in weddings is tiring!