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    I demolish things.

    I have a nine hour shift today and a ten(and-a-half) hour shift tomorrow. Yesterday I was all set to show you something I did concerning the sewing machine and a wonky garment I found at the thrift store, but I got called in to work unexpectedly, and thus didn’t have time to photograph after pictures (I have befores.) So. Can you guess what I did with this unfortunate pair of shorts? It shouldn’t be that difficult to guess. I wish I had time to show you what I did with them, but I have to finish getting ready for work. Have a beautiful  Friday!

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    W is for White

    Can you believe that the main parts of of this outfit were thrifted? The trench coat is from Goodwill ($8), the dress is from a local thrift shop ($5), and the belt is from Goodwill as well ($2.99) I think all in all, the entire outfit- jewelry and shoes included- cost me a grand total of $48. That’s not even enough to have bought this coat brand-new. And had I waited on the shoes, I could have gotten the last pair— my size— for $7 instead of $20. (the $20 was sale price, but still…) I love thrift stores. I had my mom take my pictures today because the camera…

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    These are a few of my favorite things

    There was a really lovely breeze yesterday, so I decided to haul some of my favorite wardrobe pieces and accessories outside to take some pictures and share with you a few of my favorite things. Found at an antique store for $12. I’m afraid to wear it. It’s really delicate. Found at Goodwill for like… $7. I never wear this, either. It’s good for photoshoots, though. Given to me by my bride-friend for being in her wedding. Authentic 1940’s cocktail dress. I looove it. I have yet to wear it anywhere. Goodwill. $15. Local thrift store. $5… or maybe, maybe $6. This was… seven or eight dollars? Goodwill… again. Vintage…

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    Kitties and weddings and yellow hats, oh my!

    I was the maid-of-honor in a wedding today. Yesterday, the bride and I spent all day wandering around a thrift/vintage store trying on all the hats and taking pictures of all the cats we could find. It was SO much fun! And the wedding today went off with only one hitch, and that hitch was incredibly minor. I love weddings. Since I’m incredibly exhausted now, I’m just going to share my favorite pictures from this week/weekend with you. Not a lot of pictures of the wedding, unfortunately, but… I got some interesting shots. 🙂 First up, my cat… was being cute. Next, the bride-to-be (at the time) and I had…

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