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Vlogging is bad for my vanity.

I get cut off in the video because I talk too much and my camera got tired of it. (aka the memory card filled up)

Also, I sort of miss words here and there.

I’m sorry for all the background noise– it was nice outside, so I decided to vlog… outside… obviously. Plus, the lighting made it so that you can’t see (as well) that I’m actually still wearing yesterday’s makeup and haven’t brushed my hair.

This vlog made me realize why some people ask me if I’ve got an accent. Because if you listen hard (or maybe it’s obvious, I dunno), you might notice that I’m accidentally speaking with a slight British accent. Slight being the key word, here.

And yes, accidentally. It’s just, you know… I watched a British miniseries last night and everyone is gone this morning. So my brain apparently hasn’t readjusted my speech to its correct American-ness, and I didn’t notice I was doing that until I watched the video.

Or maybe it’s because I’m wearing a trench coat, and trench coats seem to be associated with British people.

Or maybe it’s both.

Yes, I love my trench coat. i’ve never had one before. I found it at Goodwill for $8. I think it’s actually brand-new. And it’s a really, really good brand (London Fog)… apparently…

Well, I’m off to drink more coffee and reply to more requests!



I love my coat. Did I mention that?

I’ll Americanize myself here: it’s so AWESOME. Who knew a simple trench could make me so happy?

Oh, by the way: Alphabet of Color challenge, N for Nude.


  • Asia Morela

    Tsss at that person who told you to calm down. It IS plagiarism, and there’s no way it can be made “okay”. And I guess you simply want to keep control over your own work, which makes perfect sense.

    “Or maybe it’s because I’m wearing a trench coat, and trench coats seem to be associated with British people.”

    πŸ˜€ That made me laugh.

    • Mara

      Ha, yeah. I’m going to blog the comments and my responses today… so that I don’t have to really think about blogging. And to me, it is more just… I don’t want hundreds of copies of my story all over the place because when I do go to publish… there might be hullabaloo while they try to figure out if it’s really mine. And I don’t want hundreds of links to the story everywhere because I don’t want it to be so publicized before publishing that more plagiarists jump on the bandwagon.

      I’m glad it made you laugh.
      So that it’s not just me sitting here giggling and thinking I’m so very witty. πŸ˜€

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    Your wild hair is cool.

    It is obvious. When I started watching it, I was all “Huh? When did she acquire a hint of a British accent? Was that there before?” And then I read your comments afterward and discovered that you’d noticed it as well.

    Love the coat. Funny, I have a London Fog coat tooβ€”black, woolen, and I don’t know where it is. πŸ˜€

    • Mara

      Thank you. πŸ˜€

      I noticed that the accent got stronger towards the end of the video. But then I went all American and said the lining on my jacket was cool. (So far as I know, cool seems to be more American of an expression. Cool and awesome. Like, totally. πŸ˜€ )

      When I told my parents the brand, they both got wide-eyed. Apparently it’s a really good brand. Which I believe. It’s well made and pretty and sturdy and… all of the above. Yours sounds nice!

  • Chalger

    I think the person who told you that you were over reacting is probably the plagiarizer themselves, trying to make you second guess yourself.

    • Mara

      Either that or… the users on the website have no moral compass and no legal knowledge. Because I’ve gotten a second comment from a different person who also sees nothing wrong with it. *sigh*

      Will they ever learn? πŸ˜‰

  • Sarah

    Its really interesting to listen to people you know from the interwebs. I did notice a slight british accent but keep it, it suits you πŸ˜€ If thats you with unbrushed hair…I might not like you anymore ahha.

    But keep fighting for your story. Its morally wrong. Some people just dont care and will try to justify the stupid things they do x

    • Mara

      I know, isn’t it? I never imagine their voices right. Haha, maybe I will then. I should just practice my accent a ton and keep it up in real life too. πŸ˜€ (Because then it’d be funny to say “What accent? No, I’m American!” when people ask me where I’m from. lol.) Awww… don’t hate me because of my hair. Hahaha!

      I definitely will keep fighting for it.

    • Mara

      True… but stereotypically it seems to be a very American thing to say “awesome” or “cool”. There are always exceptions, but y’know.