Q is for Quince

Q is for Quince. I do not like my face in this picture. Bad lighting.

Also, I’m not 100% sure I like this outfit. These tones aren’t really my thing– I’m more into bright colors. I do, however, love the jewelry. And the belt. And the fact that once again, I’m wearing three patterns (paisley jacket, patterned dress, snakeskin heels)

OWLS! I found them today. I loooove them. I bought another pair as well, which I will be wearing tomorrow.

Thrift store brooch. I love it a lot.

Ya  know. Owl. I heart him.

And my very nice watch that a friend bought me for my birthday. I always forget to wear it. Random fact: most people wear their watches on their left hands, because the time-set knob is on the right side of the watch. I wear my watch on my right hand, as well as most of my bracelets, because, although I am right-handed, it’s easier for me to close bracelet clasps with my left hand.

I don’t know why.

So  by the end of the day I was wearing these delightful monkeys, because…. I love them. And apparently the dog does, too.


  • Bethly

    Oh, so Avra got the memo this week! Haha. I jest. I just never had that soul-consuming inspiration to get me to write for last week’s challenge. I ees sowwy.

    Wow. That picture had the same affect on me. Wow. You know the problem with such vastly spectacular images is that it’s hard to find words (let alone a thousand words) to describe it since it’s so mind-blowing. You just want to drool. But I’ll see what I can do. *psst* Is it my turn, Avra? 😛 Hehehe. Kidding. Tooootally kidding. It’s just funny how that happens.


    Oh… by the way… I’ve been getting all the lovely updates on your place of writing, but… I was never able to find the actual site. When you get a chance… no pressure, I know you’re busy… I’d love to be sent a link. 🙂 THANK YOU BUNCHES!!! Oodellaly!

    • Mara

      Hehe, it’s okay. I really wanted to write a story for last week’s picture, but y’know. I had other more important things to do.

      Isn’t it amazing? I want to blow it up and put it on my wall. Sigh. But yeah, I already have a little idea of what I’m going to do with it. 😀 I can’t wait to start! And I can’t wait to see what you do!

      LOL. What about the puppy?


      • Bethly

        I might get a late start… I *haven’t* started yet! AAAAHH! But my idea is so vague… hm. I’ll listen to some completely unrelated pop music. That seemed to serve me well last time. 😛

        To the puppy I say “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!” 😀

        YAAAAY!! It was the first email I went to! 😀 I can finish reading Stalker story now!!! :D:D:D

        • Mara

          Vague ideas can be fun. They sometimes go anywhere.

          Hehe. That’s pretty apt for the dog.

          Have you read all of the chapters yet? It’s the second story I want to finish after Sweet Ireland Air is done.
          By the way, I have a reader that knows you.

          • Bethly

            Darnit. I know have a fully formed idea. I guess there’s no backing out now. *longsuffering sigh* (I’m not as depressed as I sound :P)

            Well I diiid steal it from Despicable Me. 😀 I love that movie.

            I read all but the last chapter that was posted on FP before all the plagiarism drama. So now I must remedy that and get all caught up!
            KNOWS me knows me, or knows of me from reading stories? I’m intrigued! You must tell me! How does this person know me? And am I allowed to know their internet identity? Pweeaase? 🙂

          • Mara

            Muahaha. You have been roped in. Meanwhile, my idea got pushed away because I started working on Sweet Ireland Air again.

            Well, she said that you are loved by her and her whole family, so I assumed it means they know you in real life. The Hansons?

          • Bethly

            I just now re-read that comment. I hate silly mistakes like putting “know” instead of “now.” Bah!

            🙁 for it getting pushed away… 🙂 for Sweet Ireland Air.

            THE HANSOOONS! Oh yeah. Known that band of brethren for years. Pretty much grew up with those crazies. I’m so sick of them.. 😛 Just kidding. Heeheehee. Was it Angie, or Mr. Hanson? I’m actually thinking it must have been Mr. Hanson. Because he recently discovered he loves to read FP stories when he has time to kill at the fire station. How’s that for your demographic? 😀 You’ve reached firemen!

          • Mara

            Oh, it must be Mr., then, because it wasn’t Angie. (Chris?) WEIRD.
            I mean… because… I don’t expect boys to read my novels, much less firemen. But also, that’s cool. 😀

  • Emily

    Owl earrings.. I am sooo jealous! Mister Owl Ring is a wonderful accessory too, they make a great trio 😀 Looove the monkey slippers as well.. I can see why a dog would love them! xD The Kitteh is kinda looking disdainful, but… I’m sure there’s a lot of love between you guys 😛

    • Mara

      😀 I love my owls. Teehee. I have quite the collection started– I think so far a bracelet, a ring, three pairs of earrings, and three or four owl necklaces. Oh, and owl pajamas. I should do a fashion post of just owly things.

      Hahaha, yeah. That “she loves me” comment was sarcastic. Well, she does love me, just not at that moment. She dislikes being photographed. 😀

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    I think that is precisely the reason why they make the knobs on the right side. Because right-handed people generally find it easier to clasp on a watch and work the knobs with their stronger hand. Except you, ’cause you’re special.

    Love the title, by the way!

  • Sarah

    You know how I feel about your fashion as I wrote on chictopia my darling!! but i have to squeeeeee CAT!! Kitty cat!! I love that you are a cat person!!! and your kitty is sooo cuteee!! Im sure she loves you coz my cat does that hahahha Im like come on man you obsess over me..just one picture

    And seriously you are so beautiful… Iknow you wrote on your chictopia about your oval face but honestly its stunning. You are veryyy classic looking. Beautiful!!!! and you are lovely on the inside xx

    • Mara

      Yes, I adore my cat. 😀 And she does love me, she just hates my computer and she hates the camera. (Possibly because I dropped the camera onto the computer and scared her half to death. lol.) She’s my baby.

      Thanks, love. I need to quit obsessing over the face and remind myself that inner beauty is more important! (By the way, you are, too. Lovely inside and out.)

  • Bethly

    My entry is done and I just uploaded it to FP. I have to go to work now, but it’s not giving me the link yet… it’s too soon! So if I’m not back in time to give you the direct link for your post, you can find it here:

    Under “Titus Flannegin’s Amazing Machine”

    I feel so bad for not giving you the link, but it won’t give it to ME!! *weeps*

    • Mara

      Sadly, I forgot to write one. I half don’t want to read yours, because I know it will be amazing and then I totally won’t ever write anything, but then I really want to read it because THE SUMMARY!! And the picture! And you’re just an amazing writer. Sigh.