My library is better than yours.

So this is what I wear when I go to the library. I always wonder if they ever try to figure out what it is I do, because I’m always dressed up… and I always go in around ten or eleven in the morning. Hmm. Anyway.

Yay for more semi-awkward pictures taken by my mom! I so need to learn to stand still and wait for the click of the camera. Secret: this skirt? It’s a dress. Yeah. Shocking, eh? I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever done that before…

Okay. Maybe I have.

So I have another confession: I’ve committed a very grave fashion sin. I bought a dress that is a little bit too small for me.

But before you scold me, I have a good reason! Really, I do! (Aside from the fact that it’s an amaaaaazing color: look)

As you can see, it fits me very awkwardly around the hips. But I bought it for three reasons– one, the aforementioned amaaaazing color. Two, it was five dollars. And three, the most prominent and important one, I’m using it as a motivational goal to lose the weight I’ve been meaning to lose for two years now. I’m currently 18lbs away from my goal weight (current: 153. Goal, 135), and I need to step it up and actually exercise like you’re supposed to.

So! That’s why I bought this dress. I am going to hang it on my door along with a note yelling at me to exercise, and let’s see if I can’t lose at least 10lbs by my birthday. (Which is 6 weeks and one day away. Which means if I lost a pound and a half a week, I’d pretty much be good. I’m tempted to try to lose the whole 18lbs by then, but that may  not be healthy. 3.something lbs a week… is pushing it.)

I took a before picture– a hopeful before picture– in the dress, and when I reach my goal weight, I’ll take an after picture and show you the difference. Also, this is probably going to be the last weight post I do until I reach my goal weight.

Speaking of buying $5 dresses, though, I found another one while I was in Goodwill, and it actually fits me now.

I think it’s also gorgeous. And I’m pretty sure it’s vintage. And I love it. Bonus, it’ll still fit me when I’ve lost weight, because it’s got an elastic waist and it’s one of those dresses that fits a large range of weight… ranges…

Anyway! That’s the end of my clothes rambling. I’m going to do my best to read a book today and do a book review. Or at least read half of a book and do a partial book review. Now that I have The Tenant of Wildfell Hall to start reading.

So you can look for that later today.

I’m going to go take a walk.


  • Demy

    Hi! I looove the first outfit! It’s so chic, I guess people were staring at the library because you are so so pretty! I’m in love with this beautiful skirt (former dress) and I like this belt and top too! Great earrings as well! And about the hair, I’d like to see a hair tutorial! Yeah, that would be awesome!
    Plus, your new finds are very beautiful! I really like your body and I don’t think that you need to lose weight, but since this is what you want, I wish you good luck with that! I’m sure you’ll succeed! 😀

    • Mara

      😉 Hello, love. Haha, I have no idea if people were staring at me. But thank you. I’d forgotten about this dress/skirt, actually! I was digging through my closet and found it this morning. 😀 You know, I did a hair tutorial a few posts back for this hair– Tadaaa! 😉

      Aw, thanks. I’ll probably write a post about it, just because… I want to put my thoughts out there on body image, weight, etc. 🙂 Thanks!

      • Demy

        I watched this tutorial! It’s amazing! Your hair looks great and it’s actually nothing really difficult! I’m definitely gonna try this! Thanks so much for indicating this post! See, I’m kinda new to your blog so it’s wonderful to see your old work! You’re amazing and your vlogs are awesome! 😀

  • Bethly

    AAAAAAAHH!! I SEE A HALF MASK ON THE FLOOR!!! What’s on it?? Sheet music?? Scribbles? Notes in French?? IZ IT PHANTOM RELATED!??!

    M’kay, sorry… You + Jane Eyre = Me + Phantom of the Opera. 😛

    And I really am sorry because I saw those gorgeous blue dresses and was completely prepared to comment first on them and their gorgeousness and how justified you were in getting the too-small one, but… the mask distracted meh!

    Also… I dress up for my library. Because I can. I love it that much. 🙂

    • Mara

      Hehehe. My best friend gave me that (yes, Phantom mask) and wrote a letter on the back of it before she moved across the states. So it’s not really phantom related writing, but the mask is Phantom of the Opera. 😀 So y’know.

      I forgive you for not being first. lol. Once again, you make me laugh.

      I dress up for every day. But more for my library. Because I love my library lots, too. They’re the best– and I went to see if I could request a movie be transferred or whatever, and they couldn’t get it but they searched EVERYWHERE for a copy. Even on like… Ebay and They’re nice.

      • Bethly

        That is a good best friend. A true best friend gives gifts of Phantom. 😀 Heeheehee. I bought an Erik plushie from the thrift store (I nearly cried for joy…okay, I did tear up) when mum found him there, and I told my best friend we should have joint custody, but he ends up staying at her house all the time, so I just let her keep him. 🙂

        I’m so glad! Laughing is my favorite! Oh wait, that’s smiling. Actually, I’m bumping smiling for laughing. 😀

        Awww! My library tries to be that nice, but it can’t because it’s broke. I tried ordering the newest Robin McKinley book and the website said, “Due to economical difficulties we are not accepting new book requests.” They eventually had it like a month later. But yes. If we’re contesting libraries, I guess ours are tied. They both try!

        • Mara

          Yes, she’s the best best friend ever. 😀 Awwww! Erik Plushie. Squee!!!

          Ah, sad! My library… I think they’re pretty good funds wise. After the fruitless effort to get the movie, my librarian said “But come back if you have other movies to get! I usually can get them for people!” He seemed really disappointed that they couldn’t get it in.