A dream is a wish your heart makes…

The outfit pictures are back! Slightly crazier than before…


My cat, by the way, is not interested in getting kisses.

She is, however, very interested in getting down and away from the crazy lady in the hat posing for the camera.

So there will be no outfit voting this Saturday because… well… I only have two outfits. (Chictopia for the other one.) Instead, you just get today’s outfit pictures. I’m not actually wearing that hat or those shoes any more. I mean, I would, but it’s just not practical for housework.

It’s a fun hat.

And these are cool shoes.

I had a dream with Toby Stephens in it last night. (If you don’t know who that is, he played my favorite Mr. Rochester in the best version of Jane Eyre. After I watched that, I may or may not have gotten all of the movies the library has with him in it to watch them… and he may or may not be what you would call my movie-star crush at the present. Shush. He is an excellent and very interesting actor.) I actually wrote the entire thing out for you all, but then I read over it and it was rather boring. Most of it was description of the surroundings… and in retrospect, the premise of the dream was not as humorous when expanded into a blog.

Basically, he and his sister had a room in which they wrote things (apparently they were all writers… but by the way, he doesn’t have a sister), and I really wanted my desk to be in the same room as his desk. In the end, his sister didn’t want me to be in the same room, but he decided that there was a good spot for my desk in the room, so we moved it in anyway. And then I went to take a shower and my razor was missing. And then I tried to go down some stairs, but they were blocked up with old boards and boxes, and I couldn’t figure out how to get down.

Yeah. It only made me laugh because of my over-excitement (in the dream) to get to have my desk in the same room as his and his sister’s. And because in my dream, he was about 25 and single. (He’s almost 42, married, and has three kids in real life.) Dreams are awkward like that sometimes.

Also, I was wondering when he’d show up in my dreams. I tend to dream about random actors when I’ve been watching movies that they’re in. (Other famous people I’ve dreamt about: Gerard Butler (we have a very tumultuous dream-relationship. We’ve been married, had a daughter, he cheated on me, he proposed and I said no because he never washed the dishes…), Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom (those two were during my Lord of The Rings fan phase), Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Ryan Phillipe, James Purefoy (we got married, and then he was dissected and frozen until the world was safe from Zombies. And I was a scientist/doctor.) and…ooh… I think that’s all. No! Ben Barnes.)

Suffice it to say I have a very active dream-life. I need to update my dream-blog more.

I’m off to do the dishes, then make bread, then continue reading through the mammoth first draft of My Beloved.

Happy Saturday. 🙂

Outfit Details: Shirt, $7; Dress (as a skirt), $5; Shoes, $15; Belt, $0.99; Hat, $5; Earrings, $6; Cat, priceless.
Approximate outfit cost:  $38.99


    • Mara

      Thank you! Haha, yeah. I have some pretty disturbing dreams, too, but they generally make me laugh because… I’m morbid like that. 😀

  • Bethly

    That is fantastic. 😀 HEHEHEHEH. Oh my goodness. I used to type out my dreams that were more original fiction types. But in retrospect most of them weren’t that interesting of stories.

    Except Royal Interview. That one ended up on my Fiction Press account and I’m really quite proud of my subconscious for dreaming it. 😛 But this makes me want to start typing out my wackier dreams that involve those man-crushes. xD Heheheh.

    • Mara

      My NaNoWriMo story last year was based on the dream I had that featured Ben Barnes as the young hero. (We fell in love.He wanted me to wait for him to return from some daring thing he was about to do. It was very romantic. And cheesy. And hilarious.)

      But yeah, most of my dreams wouldn’t make good stories simply because they don’t quite make sense. 😀

  • Bethly

    Oh, and this title makes me laugh a lot because I always get that line in my head every time I have a really weird or disturbing dream and I think, “Goodness! I hope not!” Otherwise the things I wish are really, really… I would have serious problems, let’s leave it at that. 😛

    • Mara

      Haha! I know, me too!! I have had a lot of dreams that involve people I know, and I wake up thinking “GAH!” So I’m very glad that it’s not really a wish your heart makes, or I would be wishing for some very odd things.

  • Demy

    Ok first, I LOVE this outfit!!! It’s perfect, but I won’t go into detail, because a)I commented in Chictopia and b)there are so many interesting staff going on in this post! 😀 😀

    Mr Rochester?? Are you f**king kidding me?? AHAHAHAHA!!!! You’re pathetic!! hahah! Ok, no you’re not, I can understand you, but that was such a crazy dream 😛

    I have a confession to make: Actors come in my dreams as well! I’ve dreamt about Ian Sommerhalder (if you don’t know him, google it, you’ll remember me!!!!), Daniel Radcliffe (I AM pathetic :P) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    (that was after watching for 9 or so times ‘Match Point’!)

    Awesome post, lady! 😀 Rock on!