I wear clothes.

And we’re back with Saturday’s fashions! Although… I… forgot what I was going to say.

Oh well.

I’m prepared. You never know when it might start raining right through the roof! Seriously. What? It could happen!

Okay. Fine. Maybe it couldn’t.

This week’s outfits:

But wait, you say, there are more than seven outfits!

Well. That’s because… I wear a lot of clothes. (Or maybe I only had two the week before and it wasn’t worth posting a vote.)

My favorites are Double Take and Happiness. (You should know why. Colors, patterns, more colors, more patterns… yeah.)

Excluding the first two pictures (not so hot on those), I feel like I’ve finally found my zone of style this past week. I don’t know what it was about the week, but… I think I’ve just given myself leave to wear the same staples over and over again. (Did you notice that I wore that brown belt in half of these outfits? And that there’s only one outfit that DOESN’T have a belt?)

How To Dress Like Mara:

  1. Find a pattern.
  2. Find another pattern.
  3. Add it to the first one.
  4. Combine with multiple colors.
  5. Never wear pants.
  6. Always belt things at the waist.
  7. Rarely wear flat shoes.
  8. Flowers.
  9. Owls.
  10. Did I mention patterns?
  11. Or belts?
  12. And colors?
  13. Shiny things are also good.
  14. Never buy anything full-price
  15. Constantly shop at Goodwill.

Yeah. That’s pretty much it.

I just realized that, since I’m cheap very thrifty, the average price of one of my outfits is $29 (that’s clothing items, jewelry, AND shoes altogether. The most expensive outfit this week was $38.99). There is not one outfit I’ve worn this week that didn’t have an item from Goodwill in it.

So… y’know.

I’m off to watch some friends play soccer. I can’t play because my pants don’t fit, and it’s not that easy to play soccer in a skirt. Not that I’ve tried, or like playing soccer… or wearing pants… but sometimes it gets awkward just hanging around the park while my friends run around kicking things and getting bloody noses. I mean, seriously. I so (do not) want to participate!


Outfit details:
Sweater, $8; Skirt, $noidea; Shoes, $stillnoidea; Brooch, $4; Belt, $0.99.
Approximate Outfit Cost: $12.99+Idon’tevenknow.


  • Demy

    Seriously, this week I didn’t know which ouitfit to vote!! All these outfits are my favorites from you and I wanted to vote all of them.. I finally went for the ‘Double Take’, but I want you to know that I LOVE all the outfits equally! It’s just that I’m selled by these awesome shoes in the third one! 😀 Oh and I hadn’t noticed about the belt until you pointed that out! I so adore it when fashion bloggers are able to style their pieces in sooo many different ways! I LOVE your style! 😀

    And about today’s outfit, I’m loving the poses 😀 And lol at your comment about the umbrella, really LOL!!!! I really like the print mixing. Your sweater and shoes are so to DIE for and I WANT your brooch and legs (what? you want them? ook :P)

    SO that’s all! Goodnight, I’m going to sleep 😀 (It’s 23:15 here :P)

    • Mara

      Haha, yeah. I HAVE to restyle my pieces in a million different ways because I don’t have a lot of ways to remix things right now. 😀 Thank you, my dear!

      lol. I’m glad you enjoyed my umbrella comment. 😀 I think I should use random props more often.
      You cannot have my legs. I need them to… y’know… walk. And stuff.

  • Bethly

    I bought a ladybug ring today! That’s kiiind of like an owl… 😛 Okay, not at all, really. But it’s colorful! And because of the way the leaves are situated, it looks like the ladybug is eating lettuce. Which makes me happy. The ladybug is fed.

    I went thrift store shopping today and was totally thinking of you the whole time! Like, “Ooo, how cute! Mara would love this! This is not my size. I wonder if Mara could wear it! GAH! MARA AND I NEED TO GO SHOPPING TOGETHER!!” So yes. You, me, thrift shopping. When you come to California. ;P As all famous people do. Heh.

    I also got a pretty floral blouse and a silvery Celtic cross brooch that I’m wearing now. 😀

    I love all your outfits! But I voted on Happiness. 🙂

    • Mara

      I want to SEE it!!! 😀 I love random bug/animal jewelry. I’m wearing a bug around my neck today…

      Deal. When I come to California, we will go thrift shopping. Because that would be AMAZING. 😀 Hehehe.

  • shreejacob

    okay, I’m not sure how the pictures are numbered, but I chose the 5th one from the gallery of pictures…it was a battle with No. 4, but I loved that necklace in no. 5, so I voted for that!! 😀

  • Asia Morela

    Once again, I feel I’m voting more for the overall picture atmosphere than for your actual outfit. So no. 5 for me: adorable!

    I really like your top in today’s outfit as well, and ooh, a brooch. 😀 I had a period when I strove to wear brooches. And a teacher at uni who wore them all the time. Maybe I should start again…

    • Mara

      I tend to do that, too– when I’m looking through other fashion-bloggers’ pictures, I am drawn towards the ones that have a good “mood” to them. Most of the time. 😀

      Thank you. You should start again. Brooches are too little used. (I know there’s a word for that, but I can’t think right now.)