I’d rather be napping.

Word of advice: Don’t wear above-the-knee wrap dresses on windy days. Things happen when you’re walking through the parking lot with your hands full. Things that make life really awkward.

I’m like an old lady. I peer over my glasses already. And is it just me, or do my eyes look kind of orange today? OH EM GEE I’m turning into a vampire!

Okay. Maybe not.

Dress, $25; Necklace, $3; Shoes, $Ihavenoidea
Approximate outfit cost:  $28+… something.


  • Georgia

    Can I just say you’re so gosh darn pretty and I want to steal your face and body. No arguments, please, it’s decided 🙂
    I really love your dress today… it’s very unlike you though, no patterns whatsoever! I was shocked. Though I still really love it. Mostly because I can’t wear wrap-dresses because my breasts are too big for them D:

    • Mara

      That’s kidnapping! 😀 Hehe. Thank you.

      Well… the shoes are patterned. Doesn’t that count? (And right now I have bright green polkadotted knee-socks and a striped cardigan on because I’m cold. The no patterns thing didn’t last very long.)

      Yeah, wrap dresses are tricky to wear. For me, it tends to droop outwards when I sit the wrong way. Which is almost as awkward as the skirt flying up in the wind.

      • Georgia

        I’ll have you know I am no novice at thinking about stealing people’s faces, thank you very much! 😀

        Hahaa, I knew you’d never be able to last long without patterns, I was wondering if you had perhaps had a cardigan on earlier as I was looking at your pictures.

        Awkward gaping/skirt-flying is very bad. I have a few skirts that like to help me impersonate Marilyn Munroe on a windy day D:

        • Mara

          And that’s not creepy at all. 😀 Hehehe.

          Yeah, I’m patterned now. It was actually warm enough for about an hour to go without cardigans, but then the clouds came. And I’m sad. I want warm weather!

          I try to avoid those skirts… but there are just some that can’t be avoided. (Like this dress. It’s too cute to never wear!)

  • Asia Morela

    Wow! Just LOVE your dress. 😀

    And… your hair! I suddenly realized that you don’t wear it down that often, although it’s very pretty that way.

    • Mara

      Thank you. 🙂

      Yeah, I don’t wear it down often because I need a trim. Badly. And I never really know what to do with it when it’s this length.

  • someonetookmyusername

    Speaking of lists…;)

    Haha, I’m watching a really dark and weird movie and the picture fits right in. I actually see this picture fitting into that one with the guy smoking. It was just a few pictures back.

    What ever happened to that 30-for-30 thing that you were doing? And how is the reading of My Beloved going?

    • Mara

      It was your blog that inspired me to do a list after I decided I didn’t want to write a real blog. 😀

      It does sort of fit. I really need to recycle some old pictures. I think I’ll do that next week.

      I quit the 30-for-30 because I… didn’t feel like finishing it. And reading My Beloved… well. I just wrote a blog about it. 😉

      • someonetookmyusername

        I think…you should go back to doing the weekly word thing and challenge us to use the weekly word in the story. I think that would be…entertaining. Hahaha. 😀 I’d get a kick out of seeing if anyone actually did.

        • Mara

          That’s a good idea. I have actually been considering that– a photo prompt with a word or phrase to be used in the story. I think it’d be fun. 😀

  • Demy

    AHAHAHHAHAA!!!!! Your posts are so so so hilarious! You make me laugh my ass off! Great list! My favorites are the numbers 5,10 and 14 LOL!!! I love that you are YOU! 😀
    And the outfit is amazing! What a beautiful dress! And SO WHAT? You just made a show in the middle of the road, ahhaha! I imagine you holding around a million books and the dress floating around! 😀 AWKWARD! 😀 You look fab though, and I DO love your hair like that! And not only your hair 🙂 You are really pretty 😀

    • Mara

      I’m glad it made you laugh. 😀 Hehehe. #10 is my favorite.

      Yeahhh… it was pretty awkward. Thankfully, there weren’t any people around– that I saw– so hopefully nothing indecent was shown.
      Thank you.:D

  • shreejacob

    I clicked on the game you linked to and it was erm…weird! But I love weird games! Not sure how to get out of the hospital and just bought a syringe from the nurse and sold her the roll !hehe!

    Sorry I didn’t send in an entry for the story, my brains were truly fried after a long week 🙁

    The dress is really pretty!! 🙂

    • Mara

      It is a really weird game. But I love weird games like that– the illustration is amazing, I think. Hehe. And I love those types of puzzles, where you have to put things together and find things. So much fun. 😀

      That’s okay. I guess I will forgive you. 😉

      Thank you. 😀