Saturday’s Fashions


I’m sorry this post is so late in the day; I had a counselor’s retreat to prepare myself and all the other counselors for summer camp at the end of this month. I may or may not have stayed up until after 3am, and then woken up after 4-1/2 hours of sleep, played several games, gotten slight heat-stroke, and pushed myself during Ultimate Frisbee so much that I had a mild asthma-ish attack.

It was fun.

I don’t have an outfit for you today, but since it’s outfit voting time, you don’t really need one. Do you?

I feel that I should reintroduce this feature, since WordPress’s Freshly Pressing me as amassed me so much traffic(hello,  by the way. it’s nice to have new stalkers readers. I hope you enjoy your time here.): since I’ve become more of a fashion blogger, I have a poll every Saturday where you, as my lovely readers, can vote on your favorite out of the ones I’ve worn that week.

I’m not exactly sure of the purpose of this feature, but it’s fun to sum up my weekly style while I’m still finding out what my style is, and y’all seem to like it.

So, without further rambling, have at it! (Click to make them bigger. If you’re not sure which one you’re voting for, hover over the picture for its title.)

And there you have it.

I hope y’all don’t  mind my taking a wee break from answering comments; I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the sudden burst of everyone coming here, and I do want to respond to each and every one of you. But I make it a habit not to reply to emails or comments on the weekends, especially when it’s a weekend like this where I’ve been running around like crazy.

To be honest, while I’m extremely excited about being featured in Freshly Pressed and the amount of new followers I have, I’ll be glad when I’m no longer on the front page. It’s so much to handle. (I should make this clear: I’m not complaining about being featured, and I’m very, very grateful and humbled that I’m on wordpress’s front page all weekend. It’s a huge honor, and one that’s still not quite real to me. It’s just a lot to log in and have over 100 emails every day.)

I’ve read all of your comments, though, and I’m so thankful to all of you for being so sweet.

I hope you  all have a beautiful weekend, and thank you so much for your likes and comments. They make my day.



  • Samantha Gluck

    Beautiful outfits. Just wish I had some pieces to throw together to create a look like that. My best ideas are MissMe jeans and a hot (albeit grey/blackish/bluish) top! I need to break out of my bluish/black/grey prison!

    Help! My fave colors are pink and purple, but love lots of others. Cannot do orange or any derivation thereof.


    • Mara

      Thank you! You know, I actually don’t have a lot of clothes– I should do an inventory one of these days to see what all I have, but when it comes to getting dressed, I have to utilize a lot of creativity. (Turning dresses into skirts, stuff like that.) Which is actually part of the fun.

      I’d say start out with one item of clothing you wouldn’t normally wear– say… get a fun skirt, and then pair it with one of your neutral items. Honestly, I wasn’t “fashionable” until recently, and it all started because I challenged myself to quit wearing jeans for a week. I rarely wear jeans now, and my fashion sense has come out much stronger… as well as my confidence.
      So just start with a week of challenging yourself to either quit wearing your “rut” clothes, or to wear something every day that you wouldn’t normally wear.
      That’s my advice. 😉

  • Linda

    I’m in a very dark rut with my clothes. Usually I don’t mind but then I see someone wearing pretty bright colors and I feel dowdy.

    • Mara

      Every day is a chance to wear something fun. 😉 Maybe drop by your local thrift store and pick up a bright top or pretty skirt. It’s much easier if you just start with one item at a time– for me, I started by challenging myself not to wear jeans for an entire week. I think the biggest challenge was just getting over being self-conscious and thinking people might think I was just doing it for attention.

  • Demy

    Hiiii!!! I have to say once again that I’m really glad that you have more followers now 😀 It’s amazing and you deserve it! Plus, as I had already predicted, it was so hard to select just one outfit to vote! After much much thought, I voted for the ‘Many Shades of Purple’ outfit, but if I had a chance I’d vote for every single one of them! 🙂
    And don’t worry about not replying on the comments, we know that you too have a life! Congrats again on being featured on wp frontpage! 😀 😀

    • Mara

      Hehe, hello! I have to say, it always makes me smile, the way you start out your comments. I love it!

      Yeah, I really like every single outfit this week. Well, except for the jeans. I like that one, but it’s not my favorite. 😀
      Thank you, dear! Haha, I’ve been replying to comments all day. It’s fun. 😀

  • My BlogJect

    do you find picturing yourself each day is a good way to find your style?
    i go through phases of loving then hating what i wear… i want to only love from now on and think finding a style rather than so many instead may help…
    advice required…

    • Mara

      It definitely is. I think for me, because I take pictures and post them on my blog every day… it challenges me to do more than just slip into something comfortable and lazy. Seeing myself in pictures helps me to see what works on me and what doesn’t, and also I’ve discovered that when I’m really happy in an outfit, the pictures look better. So there’s a lot less settling for “this is good enough,” because I want to present everyone with pretty pictures… and I want to feel good about what I’m wearing.

      One of my biggest rules right now is that if I look at myself and think “eh, whatever” then it’s not good enough and I need to change until I find something that makes me think “I love this!”
      And I have the same sort of rule for shopping– I only buy items of clothing that I LOVE, and that I know will work with what I already own. That way, I have less items that are just okay, and more items that I love and wear all the time.

      • My BlogJect

        Thanks so much for your advice and words. I did a huge clear out not long ago, I think I’ll do another with this in mind “only what I love”.
        You may have inspired my blog a little, will be in touch soon no doubt.

    • Mara

      Thank you! I’m sure you could; just challenge yourself for a week of not falling back on your comfort zone outfit. It’s what I did, and that’s how I got to the style that I have now. 😉