30 Day Challenges,  Fashion

Day Two

I should probably admit to you that after a week and a half of dressing from my suitcase (which was packed for the cooler weather I thought was normal here, only to find that we’re having some kind of late summer heat wave)*, having some work drama and extra hours, being away from home, and finally seeing one of my dearest friends after her 3-month stint in Japan only to learn she’s going back on Sunday(!) and will be gone for a year… I have once again given up my 30-for-30 quest.

Not to mention my keyboard is driving me batty. I ordered a USB keyboard and it should be here by next Tuesday, and then I can finally reply to comments and emails and type without pausing every fourth letter to click the on-screen one.

You forgive me, right? I lasted longer this time than I did last time! One day I will definitely make it all the way through.

And in my failure, I spent $38 on a skirt, a pair of shoes(only soft yellow), and 5 items of jewelry. Not all at once.

Also, I really, really, really want this.

Also, I really, really, really should finish getting ready for work.

I hope you are all having a beautiful week!

*The “heat”(70-80 degree weather) in and of itself is lovely when one is outside, and you Southerners shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that I think 70 degrees is hot. Because I don’t. However when one works in an enclosed space of approximately 5×7 and there happens to be an espresso machine in that space, the previously stated pleasant weather turns my workspace into a miserable little boiler room of 80-90 degrees plus humidity from the steam wand.

So there.

And I did live in Mississippi for the summer, so I do  know what real unbearably hot weather is like.