Because I’m bad at keeping surprises.

So you know that post I wrote a long time ago asking you all to vote for what color my hair should be?

Yes. That one.

I finally did something to my hair. And I think I have finally found my favorite haircolor.

(Ignore the messy hair. I blame the curtains.)

I absolutely love it. I think it makes my skin look better, it makes my eyes stand out, it’s kind of funky, and it’s… just… perfect.

Also, that’s the real color of the shirt that I talked about, that usually looks more yellow in my pictures.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to s how you all the new color (I dyed it last night), but I couldn’t wait. I’m really bad at keeping surprises to myself. I just want to burst and show everyone as soon as I can!

And I really  need to go get dressed for church.

Have a lovely Sunday! I’ll see you all (or you’ll see me, rather…) tomorrow!