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    How To Dye Your Hair Hot Pink at Home | Tutorial

    I use some affiliate links in this post; if you click through and purchase, I get a small commission, which goes to help pay for this blog (and keep up my pink hair, too.) So thank you! So it’s pretty obvious that I dyed my hair hot pink, I mean… you can’t miss it. I’ve gotten a ton of questions, the main ones being, “did you do it yourself?” and “was it hard to get to that color?” and the answers are: yes, and no! Respectively. Here’s hoping I can teach YOU how to dye your hair hot pink without too many mishaps! First off, though,I should clarify: I am…

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    Simplicity and pregnancy myths

    And the dark hair is back! Let me just put one thing straight right now: yes, it is completely safe to dye your hair while pregnant. I’m surprised by how many people have asked or straight out condemned me for doing it, but I suppose it’s just one of those things that people never bother to look up first! And I definitely did. Bleaching your hair is warned against, though there are no signs that it’s ever harmed a baby, but ammonia-free dye to a darker color is perfectly fine. Thankfully, because I love having darker hair in the fall, and I would have been stuck with a bad hair…

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    Because I’m bad at keeping surprises.

    So you know that post I wrote a long time ago asking you all to vote for what color my hair should be? Yes. That one. I finally did something to my hair. And I think I have finally found my favorite haircolor. (Ignore the messy hair. I blame the curtains.) I absolutely love it. I think it makes my skin look better, it makes my eyes stand out, it’s kind of funky, and it’s… just… perfect. Also, that’s the real color of the shirt that I talked about, that usually looks more yellow in my pictures. I was going to wait until tomorrow to s how you all the…

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