You’re the Mario to my Princess Peach

Three months ago today, a girl walked into a coffee shop, full of nerves, wondering if she had really made the right decision to meet a boy she barely knew for what was the first real date of her life. She knew many facts about him, but the one thing she didn’t know was whether she thought he was attractive, or whether she would like his personality.

Three months ago today, that boy was so nervous to meet the girl for coffee that his hand would not stop shaking, and though he didn’t know he was shaking, the girl noticed. She also noticed how blue his eyes were, and how nice his voice was, and how well he dressed. And for the first thirty minutes of their conversation, she felt giddy and could not stop thinking how cute he was.

Three months ago today, after three hours of conversation with only one or two awkward lulls, that girl and boy decided that they both wanted to move forward in that relationship.

That may have so happened to be the best decision they ever made.

Happy three months of dating, Mr. Owl.

Let’s keep being weird, stupid, ย and nerdy together. It’s too good a thing to stop.