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Just a little note to say that I may take a short break this week from posting. Partly because I’m still getting used to my new job, and partly because I’m working on a blog schedule that I’m hoping to start next week, but I need to save up a few posts for it to work.

I’ve asked Mr. Owl to take my outfit pictures– he wants more practice taking pictures, and I want better quality pictures on my blog. It’s really a win-win situation. That, and there’s more chance that my pictures will be taken somewhere interesting if he takes them, since we wander everywhere and can find much more interesting locations.

I just have to stop making faces when he takes pictures. It’s funny, I can take pictures of myself every day and not feel awkward, but once he starts taking them, I forget what I’m supposed to do for the camera.

But I’ll get used to it.

I hope you all have a beautiful week!

First picture taken by Mr. Owl.



    • Mara

      It is really weird to have someone else take my pictures, especially because I generally have the experience that pictures by other people of me are never flattering. And then with my tripod, I can ham it up and pose all I want, but for someone… I feel weird posing. I think it should turn out to be fun, though, once I get used to having a human take my pictures.
      Although I suppose I could always just treat him like he was my tripod… 😀

      • Beth

        *giggle-snort* That’s the answer. Treat him like a tripod!! ;P

        I would be a-okay with a human taking my pictures if they were communicative about what I was supposed to do. Like those JCPenny people. They’re really great because they’ll say, “Okay, the lighting is better if you tilt your head like *so* and then put one hand here and pretend you’re thinking about -insert thought essential to mood.-” What’s awkward is when you’re trying to pose yourself and the person with the camera hasn’t much of an idea how to direct.

        Unfortunately, I can’t take the JCPenny people with me outside the studio, and even if I could, those places are darned expensive!

  • Demy

    I guess it’s weird enough to take pictures of yourself, let alone have someone else taken them 😛 But I’m pretty sure you’ll get used to it with time, because mr. Owl is a really talented photographer and he deserves a chance 😀