I wore this yesterday. As I sort of predicted for myself– mostly because of the weather– I didn’t get this week’s posts pre-scheduled by Saturday. But I’m still aiming to post five days this week! Hopefully the weather will comply. I really need to get in the habit of asking Mr. Owl to go take outfit pictures with me– it’s not that he’s unwilling, it’s just that we start having too much fun to go take pictures, or we get distracted by something else, and then when I finally remember to ask, it’s too dark/raining/insert-another-weather-condition-here.

And the weather has been extremely temperamental lately! Such as yesterday. We had just barely left the beach from taking these pictures when it started to rain. Good timing, or what?

And now I’ve got to rush, because I’m supposed to be leaving my house… um… now… to spend the  night with a friend of mine (an evening of girliness is planned) but instead I’m pre-scheduling this blog. Hooray for last-minute blogging!

I’m getting more used to having a real person take pictures of me… which means that soon, most of my pictures will look like this:

Professional model pose. I know. It’s beautiful. 😉

Yes, I have fun.

I also managed to snag a picture of Mr. Owl. Looking sort of roguish.

All I have to say about that is: *swoon*

And with that, I’m off! I haven’t got time to label my items; everything but the shoes was thrifted. And the shoes are from Target.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!