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I saw that Jess and Salazar are doing the 30×30, which I had completely forgotten about, and on impulse (which was probably a bad idea, knowing how I’m terrible at doing anything for 30 days straight) I decided to join in. On the day that it started. Now, I haven’t actually picked all 30 garments yet (I have 21), and I broke the shopping ban that goes with the 30×30 challenge already– but in my defense, it’s Mr. Owl and my 6 month anniversary on Saturday, and needed to buy a especially pretty dress for it (Yes. Needed. Shush.)… and that dress isn’t going to remix with anything but oh well.

This post is day two’s outfit; day one, Mr. Owl didn’t have his camera with him. Luckily, I took a work-break bathroom-mirror-outfit-picture (those are the best, right?), and day three we went adventuring and I wore jeans. Which is boring.

The best thing about this 30×30 challenge is that Jess decided to cut out  shoes as items that count, which makes it much easier. I think my problem with attempting the 30×30 before was that I didn’t quite have enough clothing items to remix, since my closet has always been a little jumbled, so hopefully it’ll help to have a few more pieces to remix and not worry about adding in shoes.

As you can see, I was feeling very mischievous on this day, and not co-operative at all when Mr.  Owl told me to pose.


Along with the 30×30 challenge, I am also challenging myself to not eat sugar/junk food for a month. Yesterday I woke up with the worst breakout I’ve had… probably ever, and it was on my forehead– a place where I never, ever break out unless I eat food I shouldn’t eat– which finally spurred me to quit eating bad-for-me food. Mr. Owl has said he’ll do whatever I do, but I intend to cut cane sugar and white flour from my diet completely (or as much as is possible, seeing as I can’t control what other people cook when I visit them) and I’m not going to make him be that extreme.

It should be good, though. I’ve cut sugar and white flour from my diet before, and it was one of the best things I ever did. I lost weight, my skin cleared up a lot, and I just felt better all around.

This month is just going to be full of challenges!

Now, I really should go run my errands, clean my room, and pick the rest of my 30×30 items so I can photograph them and post them. This time around, I’m going to try to stick to a color scheme (so far it’s blue and white/cream and black) to make remixing a little easier.

{Thrifted} Skirt: $4.99 | Belt: $0.99 | Shoes: $6.99 {Target} Shirt: $4 {Forever 21} Earrings: $2.80

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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  • Demy

    Hi! Indeed this is a month of challenges! 30×30 sounds fun, and even if you don’t make it till the end…well, it will be fun as long as it lasts 😀 I’m really in love with these flats, they’re the cutest things ever! 
    Plus, it’s always good to stop eating junk food. And of course not because of diet reasons and stupidities, it’s only because of our health. We should take better care of our bodies!
    6 month anniversary?? Oh my God! Now tell me that time doesn’t fly! WOW! You guys are awesome! I don’t want to say big words, but you are gonna be together forever!!

    • Mara

      The 30×30 challenge is always fun, even if I don’t make it to the end! I already have remixing ideas for the clothes I’ve picked so far. 😀

      Hehe, I know! Time does fly. And I’m pretty sure we’ll be together forever, so y’know. 😉

  • Jess

    Oh Mara, you so pretty! 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing the challenge with us, and I hope you have an easy time picking the rest of your 30!

    • Mara

      Thank you! So far I have 26 items, so I need to figure out what other four I should add. Once my room is clean. (Cuz right now, all my clothes are in my laundry hamper. They’re clean, but I just haven’t put them away. Hehe.)