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  • Burger King is now serving… a bacon sundae. Would you eat it? (I would NOT. I love bacon and chocolate and caramel and ice cream, but… I’ll take the bacon separately, thanks.)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

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  • Demy

    Bahahah, this kitten must be really tired! It can’t wake up 😛 And this prank is so funny, but seriously what would you do if a stranger held your hand? I think I’d punch him or maybe run for my life 😛 Also, you’re right, Oleg Oprisco’s pictures are just amazing. I wish I could take such pictures. This is real talent! And as for the carved books, WOW!! I need them! They’d look amazing as decoration! 
    HAHAHHA Ear shaped earrings! Hell yeah! I’d definitely wear them! And also the ear earrings with earrings hahah! They’d be sooo funny! I can’t stop laughing and I showed them at my mom and she HATES them! hahaha! 
    Bacon sundae? What? Jesus, they make whatever they want. This looks simply disgusting… 
    Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend! Many many kisses <3 :*

  • Jamie Rose

    Haha I might actually try a bacon sundae… I like salty and sweet together and I’ve enjoyed chocolate covered bacon in the past. There aren’t any close Burger Kings though!