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30×30: Day 7

I’m having a really hard time remembering which pictures were taken on which days, since I don’t post my photos right away, and this week they’re all out of order,  and sometimes I can’t download them for a few days from Mr. Owl’s card. So I’m fairly certain this is day seven, but I could be wrong.

Although, going through my Facebook 30×30 album (which has outfits that didn’t make it to the blog), day seven is the only logical day for this outfit.

I just remember this as the day I had a lot of trouble with my skirt. Trouble in the form of… you know… wind. I really should sew little weights into the hem so it doesn’t fly up.

I also remember this day as the day that I was very emotional for very little reason. Thankfully, it wasn’t as dramatic as the day that I burst into tears over bread, because I was much better rested and much more expectant that my emotions would be out of hand.

And I just have to side-note here to say that Mr. Owl really is the best man ever. When I get unnecessarily emotional, he’s always ready to listen, and ready to give me a hug if I need it, and willing to sit there and hold my hand while I cry over nothing.

I hope every girl is as blessed as I am with a good man like mine.

So far, I think I’m doing fairly well for the 30×30. I’ve just finally started re-wearing things, and though I don’t have 30 items yet (I’ve got 26), I feel like I have much more room to mix and match with the extra space added by removing the shoes from things that count. My biggest problem with most clothing challenges is that I get too bored with the items I’ve been restricted to.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

{Thrifted} Shirt: $1.99 | Skirt: $12.97 | Belt: $2 {Target} Flats: $12.98 | Earrings: $4 {Romy} Camisole: $8
Total:  $41.94

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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  • Demy

    I LOVE the skirt! I really do! It was worth the inconvenience with the wind. And I also adore your earrings. Lately you seem so…different. In a good way of course! You’re so so pretty! And Mr. Owl is such a good man! You’re made for each other, the end! 😛 One day, after many many years have gone by, I want to meet a man like yours 😀 😛 Kisses!!! :*

    • Mara

      Me, too. I really love all the colors in this skirt, because it can be mixed with so many things! 
      Different, huh? Like how? Maybe I’m just getting more relaxed in my style and with the blog? 🙂 I’m glad it’s different in a good way. Hehe. Thank you! 
      I hope you meet a man like mine, too! <3

  • Alice

    This is exactly the reason I have never managed to do and 30×30, I only manage to take outfit photos a couple of times a week and usually there is at least a week before I get round to taking them off the photo, editing them and then getting them online. I just know if I did a 30 for 30 I would have no idea when I wore anything. 

    I love this outfit on you, these colours are so beautifully sunny. And I really like that you put the outfit cost up as well, I always wonder how much other bloggers spend on clothes, particularly because most of my items are either swapped with friends or thrifted xo

    • Mara

      I know! I’ve been trying to at least take a phone picture if I know my boyfriend and I aren’t going to have time to shoot good ones, but I still forget. Thankfully, I can always look at my blog and the calendar and count backwards to figure out where outfits should be going. It still gets confusing, though. 

      Thank you! Bright colors always make me happy. 
      Haha, that’s why I put up the cost! I’m always wondering what people spend on their outfits. Most of my clothes are from the thrift store, too!

  • Comy

    A fair warning – I’m seriously thinking about stealing (somehow) all your shoes. 😀
    Also, that skirt looks like it’s a fun thing to wear on a windy day! 😀

    • Mara

      I might put a lock on my closet. 😀 

      It’s… only fun if there aren’t people around. Or the people around are people you know too well to be embarrassed if it suddenly flies up. 😀

  • Salazar

    Oooh, I love this. A little matchy perhaps, but I think you picked great colors from that gorgeous skirt to build the whole outfit on!

    • Mara

      I’ve noticed lately that I tend to slide into the matchy-matchy territory a lot. I’m going to try to push myself out of that. 😀

  • alena wang

    As a food for thought, your comment on how every girl should be blessed with a good guy is heteronormative – well, of course not every girl wants a man… 
    I love the colors you’re wearing. I don’t wear orange often but you make it seem so natural!

    • Mara

      That is true, and people are free to take anything I say and change the genders to suit their own preferences. But being that this is my own little life-journal, I write things based on my own experiences, tastes, and personal beliefs because if I try to stay politically correct, it gets too complicated to put out a sincere thought that comes from my heart. 🙂

      Thank you! I think this particular shade is easier to wear because it’s more salmon/coral-y and just mixes well with other things. 

  • margaret

    Love the Earnings!!!  I tried to find the brand online, but couldn’t …may I ask where you bought them?

  • TheToriaMonster

    I love the colors the coral top especially. I think the skirt has a great cut – I may have to find myself a skirt like that! 🙂 

  • Meanz Chan

    I really want to do a 30 x 30 challenge! I love this outfit of yours. The colors are so wonderful together! Also, I’m glad to hear you have such a wonderful man in your life. I have one too. 🙂