Wedding, wedding, and more wedding.

This is me right now. Testing wedding hair– except, add curls– and wedding makeup, wearing the necklace that has been passed down from my great-grandma’s wedding to my grandma, and then my mom, and now (in 117 days) my own. I have dreamed of wearing this necklace for years. I think it’s so unique, and it has such history, and it’s so much more interesting and beautiful than the normal bling brides wear.

In case you can’t tell, it’s a chain with glass grapes on it. And it’s really, really hard to describe that in real life; when people haven’t seen it, they just go “… huh.” because honestly, if someone told you they were going to wear a chain with grapes on it around their neck for their wedding, would you think it sounded pretty?

Yeah, not really.

In a few minutes, my mom and I are leaving for the fabric store to see if we can find materials to make something like this, this, or this, which I’ll wear beneath or instead of a veil, and then at noon… I’m going to try on wedding dresses!

I’m excited. And nervous. And I’d love to find something immediately but I’m not expecting to.

So I apologize if I’m awol in the next few days, and for the shoddy webcam pictures, but I thought you all might like an update anyway.

And notice the ring on my finger that is not the real thing? Yeah, we bought that to hold us over until we get the real ring back from being sized, because we both missed my ring. It’s outrageous and huge and totally not what I’d ever want. But it’s fun. And we fooled at least one person at church with it. 😉

I’m off! It’s wedding dress time.

That pretty much accurately displays how I feel right now. Only maybe I’m a little more excited.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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