Wedding attire: the bling edition

So I realize that come Saturday, it will have been a full two weeks since I’ve done a proper outfit post. Who knew getting engaged could make me neglect the blog so much? I miss taking outfit pictures. But we’ll have a good set of engagement pictures coming next week, hopefully, so y’know. At least there’s that.

One thing about my wedding dress that is only slightly disappointing is the fact that it doesn’t quite go with the necklace I meant to wear. I will still wear the necklace… only wrapped around my wrist instead of around my neck, but this means that now… I don’t know what jewelry to wear. I’ve thought about wearing my Arwen necklace, which would be totally nerdy and totally something I would do, but it all depends on what I find elsewhere.

When we went looking for a wedding dress, we also went to Forever 21 to see if they might have anything that would work as a maid-of-honor dress (I’m only having one attendant), and we got a little distracted by the jewelry section. I thought I’d show you some of the necklaces I liked best from what we found. You can click on the picture to be taken to its purchase page.

The last one, in person, is exactly the mint green I’ve been thinking about for the wedding. But I think it might be too long to look good. And too ornate. Ah, I wish I could show you all the dress right now! It’s so very perfect.

I finished my floral headband/crown yesterday, and I have so many flowers that I might just make a few more. I don’t know what I’ll do with them once I make them (sell, perhaps?) but it was way too much fun and I have too many leftovers to not make more.

I love it. It turned out pretty much exactly as I had hoped. I am going to try a few more today to see how they turn out; I’d love to try a ribbon-based crown rather than a headband. I think it would be more comfortable, and easier to give the crown a fairy-like look. if I were to sell them, I would probably sew the flowers on rather than hot glue… since I already have one small portion of the white trailing flowers that untwisted itself. Hot glue is good, but not quite perfect.

And if you are all interested in how I’m making them, I’d be happy to do a DIY post!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!




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