Summer’s End

You guys, it is officially fall now! Can you believe it? And despite the fact that I have been itching for fall to finally be here, somehow I dressed like spring. Go figure.

But now I can wear sweaters, and tights, and colorful pants (I bought purple skinny jeans and red skinny jeans at Target yesterday; they have SO many on sale in a plethora of colors!) and scarves without anyone complaining that it’s still summer and I should not be wearing those things.

And today, to celebrate fall… I am sick. I can’t say I’m complaining though, because I’m weird and sometimes I like a good sick day to give me an excuse to lay around and not do anything productive. Not that I like being sick, but I can’t really change it so I might as well be positive, right?

So today, I’m going to ingest ridiculous amounts of tea and coffee, lay on the couch, and surf Modcloth for a new pair of fall shoes. Because I really, really need some new shoes. I swear, I wear the same five pairs of shoes every day with very little variation.

Then again, what I lack in amounts of shoes, I make up for in amounts of skirts. (As of right now, I own 38 skirts.)

Further proof that I cannot resist make faces while wearing lipstick.

And also, proof that I am more of a dork that you guys ever know. 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much of my personality actually gets onto the blog, and how much of my life is really shared. Spurred by Naomi (you guys might recognize her sister, Annebeth, of The Styling Dutchman. Seriously, Naomi and Annebeth are the CUTEST sisters ever.) and how beautifully real her blog is, I realized that I’ve been unconsciously censoring what gets on the blog. Probably because I know that people I am friends with in real life read this  blog, and it’s scary to share with people I really know.

So, future goal: share real life. Even if I think it’s boring. Share the pictures where I’m being a total dork, even if they’re not perfect and possibly make me look bad. Because that’s me. I’m weird. I sing childishly at the top of my lungs, off key on purpose, when nobody is home. And, sometimes, when people ARE home. I talk in baby voices frequently. I speak to myself in various random accents. I sing songs to my cat in meows.

Basically, I’m just a spaz.

{Thrifted} Dress: $4 | Cardigan: $5.99 | Heels: $5.99 | Belt: $.0.99

What about you? Are there things about your personality that you consciously or unconsciously censor from your blog? Do you find it scarier to share with people you know than to share with complete strangers?

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Happy FALL!!!


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