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Closet cleaning

So today, I’m cleaning out my closet to sell a few skirts I no longer wear, but why is it so hard??? I’m starting to get all sentimental about these skirts. Three of them, I’ve only ever worn once so I’m not that attached– other than thinking “Oh, but what if someday I need the skirt again?”

But this one skirt… I don’t know, I’ve wore it a ton last year, but I haven’t worn it…. for almost a year. And I realize it’s not the most flattering skirt on me, and the pattern is not my kind of pattern at all, and it’s shorter than I’d like it to be… but you guys, I still love this skirt.


It was, so far as I can remember, part of the first outfit to get me into the style gallery on Chictopia, and it survived through countless hours as a barista without one stain on it, an it transformed from hideously ugly shorts into a cute little skirt, and oh, memories.

But the truth is, I haven’t worn it in a year, and when I put it on now it makes this weird little puff right above my butt which is NOT flattering, and I’m not really attracted to that pattern any more.

Why is it so hard to get rid of clothes?

I am also going to put these three babies up in my shop soon, so long as I can convince myself that I don’t wear or need them any more.

I dunno, that red and white striped one… I might style it up today and see how I like it. But I’ve only worn it once.

I know the rule is that if you haven’t worn it in six months (or a year), you don’t need it, but dang that’s a hard rule to follow. And also, the “one in, one out” rule is hard, too. Maybe I’ll drag Mr. Owl into it and make him decide for me. If he doesn’t like the skirt, it goes. If he does like the skirt, it stays.

Do you guys have similar issues getting rid of clothes? Does it help to get your significant other’s opinion? Do you follow any closet rules for keeping and getting rid of things?

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday!


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  • mariecarolk

    Can I call dibs on the beautiful blue patterned one in the first pictures, if you end up selling it that is? I adore it! I think it’s really beautiful on you.

    I definitely have that problem lol! I love my clothes too much. This year though, a lot of my winter clothes are too big for me (yay :))

    Happy Monday!

  • Runes and Rhinestones

    You could always try making it into something else? Maybe a cushion cover or something like that 🙂
    I can’t get rid of anything and hoard stuff that I don’t like or wear any more, but I always get my other half’s opinion. He’s worse than I am at hoarding, so that sometimes defeats the whole point of it! He does help me choose what to wear in the morning though, which is a massive help.

  • Salazar

    Even 5 months after donating half of my closet to move home, I still wish I’d kept some of those pieces, so I know how you feel.

    I also think you should keep that navy striped skirt.

  • Comy

    I don’t have trouble getting rid of clothes I no longer wear, but I have trouble getting the actual work done. So when they pile up and cannot fit in my closet anymore, I turn into a madwoman and leave only a few items. It’s like a war movie, with clothes as casualties.

    I have only one rule – if I haven’t worn something in a year or more, I’ll probably never wear it again. When there are some things that I like, even tough I don’t put them on, I send them to my grandmother for safekeeping. In case I change my mind and want it again. 😀