Owls on parade

This was one of those days where I felt extremely lazy when I woke up, and I wanted to wear my new red pants. So I didn’t shower, I wore the makeup I’d slept in, and put on some red lipstick and a hat in hopes nobody would notice how lazy I had been. I think it worked.

And this is one of those outfits that I rarely post, for two reasons: one, it doesn’t quite fit my preferred aesthetic of retro/1940’s at all, and two, it shows off my hips, which I am not fond of. Don’t get me wrong, in person I feel just fine wearing skinny jeans, but on camera… it’s a totally different thing.

But I have decided not to care as much. It goes along with my musings the other day about sharing more and being more… me on the blog. This is me. I have very curvaceous thighs and a belly pooch and I am not evenly proportioned at all. Oh, well. It’s who I am, and having a fiance who has pronounced that he would prefer I either stayed the same or didn’t lose too much weight has vastly improved my confidence.

Of course, I am always going to feel a little insecure posting outfits of myself in jeans, that’s just the way it goes. I don’t know all of you, and with the plethora of tall, thin, fit, beautiful girls out there blogging, I don’t really fit in. But because of Mr. Owl, I’ve come to realize that the features about my body I have always seen as flaws– my butt and thighs and belly– aren’t really flaws at all in the eyes of the most important person in my life.

So, here it is. The lazy outfit, the less-flattering outfit, the outfit that hides very little.

{Thrifted} Cardigan:   $5.99
{Target} Jeans: $16.08
{Fred Meyer} Tee: $6.99 | Boots: $29
{Stolen from Mr. Owl} Hat: Free. 😉

But I also want to say: those girls who seem so perfect on their uber-popular fashion blogs, who we sort of look at and say “They’re beautiful, yeah, but unrealistic. I want to see real bodies/real shapes/real girls…” they’re real too. They have real bodies that they have worked hard for, or insecurities that they deal with every day, too,  and I know that I have been guilty of forgetting that. I think we all tend to judge what is real by how imperfect it is, and we forget that just because a girl is beautiful and tall and fit doesn’t mean she’s not real, or she doesn’t have imperfections, or she is never insecure.

I know I didn’t say that half as well as I hoped, but I hope you all get the idea I am trying to convey. I have to go get ready for work and I’m only half-awake as it is. But I want to know: what do you think? Do you unintentionally judge the “perfect” fashion blogger because she doesn’t visually have imperfections in your eyes? Do you ever post pictures of yourself that you are insecure about?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday! It’s almost the weekend!


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  • Anita Jacob

    I think you look lovely! and the photos are amazing! You’ve got a good attitude too 🙂 I’m totally a round doughy sort of person..hehe! We all *do* tend to judge and be judgemental …sometimes I feel that it is a Universal lesson for all to go beyond what we see and to instead look for the souls that we all are. The strange thing is that all this time I used to just assume that life and the Universe also judge us (when I used to think of karma etc) but that isn’t so. In fact, there is no bad or good at that highest level. There is no judgement….that comes from ourselves…(I shall stop rambling now..) hehe. – Shree

  • mariecarolk

    You look amazing girl! I love this outfit. I just bought some red skinny jeans from Target and they are so comfy! Your nails are soooo awesome

    I love these types of “this is me everyone! And I’m fantastic!” posts 🙂

  • Taryn Harriett Whipp

    Wow! Your gorgeous! I wish wish wish I had a figure like yours! And as for the make-up you slept in I’m afraid id look like a panda if I did that! Your an inspiration to us curvy girls! I just love your outfit as well! 🙂

  • Mattea Norman

    Good word, thanks for pointing that out. Weird how different body shapes become the enemy!
    Also, I am jealous of your pants. I literally tried on at least 6 pairs of colored jeans yesterday hoping to get some, NONE of which fit my shape as well as yours!
    Also also, you thrifted that striped cardigan for $6?! I’ve been searching on a regular basis for one and haven’t scored yet. So instead I bought a clearance striped dress from Target. oops!

  • anon

    Thanks very much for saying that 🙂 I’m veeery thin and it’s really not because of my diet or exercise or whatever… it’s just the way my body is. And while I understand that it’s maybe not the same problem as someone on the other side of the spectrum but it DOES hurt being told snidely that I must be anorexic or something.

    You look gorgeous as usual! Mr. Owl’s hat looks pretty snazzy on you… maybe that should be a permanent addition to your closet? 😉 Well, I suppose you’ll be free to share pretty soon, haha!

  • The_Canon_Girl

    Yes, you’ve said it perfectly! I’m all about representing diverse types of “pretty” on the blogosphere but I won’t EVER say that I’m more real than someone who weighs less than me. Because it’s complete crap. When I was younger and skinnier I incredibly selfconcious and it only got better because I learned to love myself, no matter how I looked. That comes with age too, of course, but also by looking at life a little differently and getting my priorities straight. I post pictures I’m insecure about all the time. I just say to myself “okay, that’s that” after worrying a couple of seconds and I remind myself of the fact that I really don’t care and that the people who read my blog won’t really care either. Whether I like a blog/person or not highly depends on the contents of their blog. Mainly if they have a style I personally enjoy and most of all if they write about some interesting things. The only kind of blogs I don’t like is hate blogs and blogs that just post pictures of clothes with nothing of any personal input.

    However lazy you were when putting together this outfit: It’s lovely! I love the owl nails and wellies. And to be completely honest: If I was into girls I would want to bite/slap your ass like there’s no tomorrow. Hell, I want to do that now! 😀

  • Sarah With A Bow

    I don’t think you need to say anything more eloquently because, really, the important thing is that you said it. I’ve said a few times that I feel anatomically disproportionate whenever I try to find clothes because no matter who tells me I am thin (I’m only kind of thin) or perfectly shaped (whatever that means) the fact remains that I have almost no rear, my hips are only visible when I dress them REALLY sneakily, my calves are too big for many skinnies and boots, etc. Bodies are weird and spending time hating them is so not worth it.

    As for your weight, I maintain what I’ve said before: make changes, be healthier, and strive to feel your best. Losing weight was a GREAT side effect for me, but my ultimate goal was to not feel like crap every day because I wasn’t moving enough and I was supplying my body with garbage. The reward of that mindset is so much better.

  • Marlen

    Haha my boyfriend is the same way- he doesn’t like the skinny look either (which helped me not feel too guilty about all the burgers I can’t say no too). And I feel the same way with skinnies too! In real life I’m fine running around in them, but on camera it makes me feel slightly alarmed. But I think that’s just me being hard on myself, and you look super cute in yours. I actually really like this outfit, that pop of red is awesome. And thank you for featuring me in your last post, I was so happy!! 🙂


  • Feathers & Freckles

    I love this outfit on you and am so happy you decide to go ahead and post it! Those rainboots are darling, and I love that this shows a different side to your styling aesthetic. And you look great in those red skinnies! You have a great figure 🙂

    I really liked your second to last paragraph. I think calling someone too skinny or, like below, saying that your boyfriend doesn’t like the ‘skinny look’ is just as rude and offensive as saying that you think someone is too fat or your boyfriend doesn’t like the ‘fat look’. People come in all shapes and sizes, and whether they worked hard for it or they have it naturally, we shouldn’t be judging people at all based on it or commenting on it in a way that would offend. 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! I really need to get new boots; these ones have so many holes in them. It’s kind of sad.
      I agree that we shouldn’t be commenting on someone’s look just because they are a certain weight, because that happens far too often!
      I do want to point out that I don’t think Marlen’s comment was meant in a bad way. It may have been worded a little off, but I don’t think it was meant to be judgmental of other women. She was just agreeing that her boyfriend is like Mr. Owl, and prefers that she be more curvaceous as opposed to 10 (or however many) pounds lighter.
      At any rate, it’s definitely hard to comment or respond on sensitive subjects like this, and it’s worth thinking over wording and comments before we all post! I know I have totally said things on the blog or in real life that came out very different from what I meant!

  • Comy

    So… This is how you look when you are too lazy to dress up? I tend to look like I’ve been pulled out of a river. I love those jeans! And your hair looks nice. Really. Also, you have a nice figure, and I’m not saying that just to be nice.

    I always do my best to avoid judging people. I even yell at myself if I do! Mentally, of course, no need to freak out everyone on the street. I always tell myself that, just like I have problems and issues that nobody knows about, so do everyone else.

    I’m insecure about all of my pictures. Sad, I know, but I just think that I look better in person. Still, I believe in keeping it real, so I have about 50 pictures posted on facebook.

    Have a great week Kristina! 🙂

  • Katie Sims

    I really like this outfit! You look great in pants.

    I definitely know what you mean… I love fashion and dressing up, and I like to show my style and outfits. But I’m not a model (as in ability), I don’t want to be one, and so I always look awkward in my pictures. I would rather style someone else than myself, not necessarily because of my figure, but also because I’m just not that photogenic (in my opinion).

    My one of my best friends is tall and skinny. She always eats more than me and for a long time we had the same ‘moderate’ activity job. She was just smaller – her rib cage was smaller, her shoulders were narrower, she was just built differently. And I have more skin to cover in tattoos!

    • Eccentric Owl

      It’s so hard to get used to having your picture taken! I had never liked it until I figured out which angles and poses work best for my face/figure. And still, it seems like a lot of pictures come out awkward because I have the tendency to make faces at the wrong times. 😉 but having fun in front of the camera is probably the best thing you can do; just be goofy, and eventually it’ll become fun and you might get some good poses out of it!

      Yeah, my coworker is the same; she eats way more than me, and is small and slender and we do basically the same things. It’s just all about how we’re built!

  • Girl and Closet

    Oooh, this outfit is lovely and those jeans are gorgeous – love the vivid hue of them and the way that you’ve put the whole look together, adorable. Plus, I’m drooling over your engagement ring – so pretty! xo V

  • Jamie Rose

    Well I think you look great in your red jeans! Some people envy your hips! I know most days I wish I had more hips going on. I have the hips of a ten year old boy. Not so womanly haha. But we’re all real and I enjoy seeing bloggers of all body types!
    Also, you look great on a lazy day!

  • Melanie Berg

    Oh my gosh! I’m in love with your owl nails and boots! I think I may have found someone equally as obsessed with owlies as I am! Where did you get those adorable rain boots?!