Things I Need

October Wishlist


This is what I want my October to look like. (Yes, I HAVE been addicted to Modcloth lately.)

Happy Friday!


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  • Piccola Italiana

    Happy Friday? Try like Hey, Let’s Depress Picco By Showing Her a Bunch of Pictures of Amazing Clothes She Probably Can’t Afford Friday. Is that too long?

    That orange dress is gorgeous and it definitely seems like something you would wear. I think you should buy it. And then when you get tired of it you can sell it to me. Or I can break into your house, steal it, force you to make me coffee, and then I’ll play Mario Kart with you and Mr. Owl. Sound like a plan?

  • The_Canon_Girl

    Someone needs to give me that last skirt ASAP. Because I need it in my life. And that ring. And that cardigan. DARN IT ALL TO HELL, just give me all of it!

  • Runes and Rhinestones

    That’s such a lovely dress! I love the cut out detail neckline detail 🙂 The idea of elbow patches on your tights is amazing 😀