My wedding according to Instagram

Wedding CollageThis was my wedding day. Bits and pieces of it, anyway. It was perfect, in my eyes.

1, 3: Lanterns that we hung everywhere in the sanctuary.
2. The altar.
4. My beautiful, beautiful bouquet!
5. Our rings.
6. Owl cake toppers!
7. A beautiful pie
8. The amazing cake that my aunt made for me
9. Cakes in jars!

Wedding Day Makeup
Me with my wedding-day makeup on.

Gosh, I wish I could go back and re-live the wedding part of the day. It was wonderful. I was nervous as heck beforehand, to the point where I might have thrown up if I had eaten anything, but once it came time to walk down the aisle, all of the nerves went away. My dad came to tell me he’d be okay, right before he was supposed to bring me to the sanctuary doors to walk me down the aisle, and promptly started to cry. I’m told he and several other people cried all the way through the wedding. As for me, I just couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I had to tell myself several times that this was real, not a rehearsal, that I was actually marrying the love of my life, that this day was really that perfect, and that the only bothersome thing was my toes going numb as my father-in-law, also the pastor, gave a short charge to us as a couple.

That, and I kept telling myself to shift so I wouldn’t faint.

My wedding day was truly good and lovely, and despite the nerves beforehand I wouldn’t trade this day for any other in the world!

Marriage is the bomb.

Also, the first place we went as a married couple: Safeway. Doesn’t Mr. Owl look hot getting gas in his suit?

I might be prejudiced.


I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! I’m very excited to be back blogging, and if I can figure out how to use Mr. Owl’s camera’s self timer I might even be blogging more often than usual!

How have you all been?


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