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OneThe two biggest things of the week, obviously: I started writing again (and subsequently kept forgetting descriptive words and just marking my place with “WORD” so that I could go back and replace it. Hopefully I remember to actually do that…) and I went blonde.

I am shocked by how big of a difference it made to go blonde! So many people didn’t recognize me.


Because of the blonde-ness, I also updated my makeup routine. Which you can see in full here. I’m loving the new colors I can get away with now having blonde hair. It’s amazing how changing your hair color can open up  new possibilities that you wouldn’t have been able to wear before!



My love and I had a sunny adventure in downtown Gig Harbor (which is near where we live.) We had ice cream (which I paid for later with an upset stomach, darn!), wandered a dock, and dipped our feet in the cool water to stave off the heat. It was so nice!

ThreeWe scored this AWESOME 1946 fully working stand mixer, which transforms into a hand mixer… at a garage sale for $25. Seriously. I love it. And hooray for finally having a mixer! I also saw my oldest brother’s adorable new baby boy for the second time ever. He’s so smiley, and I love him and will always squish him with lots of kisses.

And the neighbor’s cat comes over to visit, eat our grass, and demolish the nest and baby birds that once lived in our back yard. Is it bad that I felt nothing when he started to kill the baby birds?

Probably. But he’s so cute and fluffy and purrs like crazy and always wants pets, I just couldn’t be upset at him for demolishing a family of birds. I  mean, look at him.

How has your week been?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Happy Saturday!

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  • Charity

    you’re near Gig Harbor? I’m from Port Orchard! I also write and love Jesus and have a vintage etsy store…it seems we have a lot in common :))

    • Eccentric Owl

      What, for real? That’s so awesome! You’re the first Port Orchard blogger I’ve ever “met.” I actually live in Olalla, so right between the two.

  • Alexandra Marie

    The blonde hair looks beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog <3 I am following via email 🙂 Alex