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Bloggers I Love: Mess of A Dreamer Design

I dropped the ball last month and totally forgot to do a featured blogger (oops!) but this month I am SO excited to introduce you all to one of the loveliest vintage bloggers I know, and a lovely internet/blog friend of mine who happens to share my name: Kristi of Mess of a Dreamer Design. She’s a gorgeous girl with a wonderful personality and a perfect vintage closet that I would love to raid.

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**1. When did you start blogging, and why?**

I started blogging last summer. Your blog was the first I started reading and
between yours and others I stumbled across, I was just so inspired by everyone’s
individual style. They mostly had a vintage theme to it, but everyone made it their
own. So I wanted to put my own twist on vintage and share with others.

**2. You have the most amazing vintage style; have you always dressed this way, or was it something you found yourself eventually drawn to?**

I’ve always appreciated it but have only really come into it within the past few
years. I can really relate to the way of life from the past and the fashion just
spread over into it. Now it’s the main way I dress.

**3. Do you have a style era of your life that you’re embarrassed for other people to know?**

Great Gatsby! Yes! In high school I went through a punk/emo phase and am
completely embarrassed by it now. I had short black and white hair. I wore really
heavy eye makeup. I unfortunately look that way in my senior photo. I don’t like
seeing photos of myself then but it was part of me and the evolution to get to where
I am now.

**4. Is there any other style genre that you admire?**

I am attracted to the bohemian sort of vibe. Not so much hippiness, but how Keira
Knightley dresses. She’s got a sort of androgynous appeal to her.

**5. You take pictures in various place of your Pennsylvania hometown; how do you find such great locations?**

I’m lucky to have a gorgeous historical place called the Conrad Weiser Homestead
where the founder of that area lived. It’s got lots of lovely stone structures that
feed into my vintage vibe. That’s my main location but I’d love to find others close
by like that.

**6. Last month was my birthday; when is your birthday, and what would you wear and do, and where would you go for the perfect day?**

My birthday was on February 17th. It was a Sunday so I celebrated after church. I
wore one of my favourite vintage dresses and my fur coat that day. For my dream
birthday I’d love to go to the UK. I’m a big Anglophile and I would definitely geek
out there. I would wear whatever my current favourite vintage pieces and want to
spend it with my loved ones. I think that’s the most important part.

**7. Is there a personality quirk you have that you find somehow doesn’t make it onto the blog?**

Hmm good question. I’m a bit of a nerd, which I don’t know if it translates onto
the blog that much. I’m also a big reader. Though that’s not really a quirk. I
randomly break into an English or Irish accent at times.

**8. What five words do you think best describe your style?**

Classic, feminine, classy, vintage, chic.

**9. You know me well enough to know I love owls; what is your favorite animal, and do you have one?**

I don’t really have a favourite animal like you adore owls, but I am a dog person.
I’ve always grown up with them.

**10. Your look is so perfect. Do you have any tips for those of us aspiring  to add more retro to our looks?**

Aww thank you! You’re so sweet! I don’t pretend to be an expert or anything.What I like to do is look at other blogs, old movies, and old magazines. I find what looks appeal to me and I have a mood board in my wardrobe. I get most of my pieces at thrift stores so it’s like a treasure hunt. My advise would be to be pleased with how you look and wear it with confidence. Sometimes when you go all out in vintage people can give you funny looks but if you like the way you look, that’s all that matters.

**11.  And lastly, what would your top advice be for newbie bloggers?**

I still feel very much a newbie myself. But I would say look at other blogs you like and see what it is that you like about them. Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other bloggers and ask for advice. And have fun!

You should all definitely go visit Kristi at her blog and shower her with love! And if you’re craving more, totally follow her instagram. She has one of the best instagrams out there for vintage clothing lovers!