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Updated skincare regimen

After a long stint of using BeautyMint – which I still would highly recommend if you want an easy, efficient skincare set that you don’t have to think about – I’ve decided to branch out and try some different products. As much as I like BeautyMint products, I did have a problem with how unevenly the products ran out. Without fail, the cleanser always ran out long before anything else. I can be a somewhat sporadic skincare user, but I did use everything (except the SPF) pretty equally.

And at the moment, I have in my stock of unopened BeautyMint products: 1 cleanser, 2 moisturizers, 4 replenishing serums, 4 eye creams, and 8 SPF moisturizers. No joke. And this is having skipped every other month for about 2 years. (Okay, I admit: I rarely used the SPF. I forgot about it a lot. I work indoors and it’s cloudy a lot here.)

As well, I would prefer a system that is easier to customize. Since I’m bad and forget my SPF all the time, but would like to use a night cream, it would have been great to be able to switch one out for the other.

I have also been reading and watching a few skincare blogs and videos which convinced me to mix up my routine. So I decided it was time to cancel the BeautyMint and add in some new stuff. I plan to use the rest of my BeautyMint products until they run out, but I’ll most likely alternate them with other products so me and my skin don’t get too bored.

In one particular video, the Pixiwoo girls interview a skincare guru who mentions cleansing balm instead of a gel or water based cleanser. I had never heard of cleansing balms, but being a dry skinned girl, I was immediately interested. Pretty much any regular cleanser leaves my skin feeling parched (BeautyMint included). But a balm? Sounds so much more nourishing!

Lucky for me, Target carries a line called Boots Botanics, and they have the only balm cleanser I could find that was affordable (aka, not over $20. It’s under $10, actually.) I have heard great things about the Boots line, so I snatched it right up. And then, under the influence of the salesperson working that aisle, I ended up grabbing their Rosewater Toner and Clay Mask as well.

I used the balm as soon as I got home today (yes, I just got it today), and I have to say, I was impressed. BeautyMint tended to not get my mascara off, but the balm took off every last bit, and left no oily residue (which I was concerned about). My pores were left looking tighter and my skin feeling smooth and not at all dry. I’m already in love. Plus, it has a lovely citrusy smell. I’m all for scented products.

I used the clay mask next, which was fun. And weird. I tend to hate the tight feeling while a mask is drying in my face, but once it washed off I didn’t feel parched or tight, and my skin had a nice glow to it.

Lastly, I spritzed on the toner. I’m not convinced that this particular toner is anything but a pretty smelling water, but hey! Now my face smells like roses!

I will definitely be writing an updated review after a month or so of using these products in addition to my usual skincare. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they work for me. Especially the balm, because initially I’m in love with it.

What skincare products do you swear by? Has anyone else ever tried anything from the US Boots line? What did you think?

Happy Saturday!


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  • mariecarolk

    I feel like I’m always getting bored with my skincare routine, so I like the idea of switching it up like you are. And because I have pretty persistent and irritating acne I’m always open to new products! I read recently about the “oil cleansing method” which I’m interested in trying as well.

    Skin can be so weird! Haha 🙂


  • Azeezat

    Hiya Kristina. It’s so weird hearing about boots as a brand rather than a store lol. I’m pretty surprised that they stock boots products in target… So bizarre.
    Boots is pretty much a regular high street shop over on this side of the pond

  • Jamie Rose

    I saw that Pixiwoo video too! I didn’t think there’d be an affordable cleansing balm, so I’m so glad you posted this. I’ll definitely have to check out my Target and see if they carry it. I have pretty dry skin too and I think this would be great to use on the day when I actually wear foundation since it’ll actually take all the makeup off.