Addicted, much?


I finally feel like I wear enough red to evidence that it’s my favorite color. Adding that red skirt to my wardrobe seemed to open it up to wearing SO much more red, even though I already own a few red items. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that kind of opened up your eyes to wearing other clothing items in way more different ways?IMG_1857

I have this theory running lately that how I want to be perceived has largely to do with what my head looks like. I’ve been doing this curl thing for a few days now, and I think it makes my style lean vastly more towards vintage/retro than any other hairstyle. I love it! But I have noticed that a big part of looking a certain way has to do with what hairstyle and makeup a girl has, really! Clothes are important, sure, but you can make anything look more modern or more vintage with a simple change of makeup or hair. IMG_1867IMG_1873

Has anyone else noticed that, or is it just me? IMG_1862

Forever 21: top
Target: Jeans, shoes
Thrifted: Scarf

I’m sorry today’s post is so short, and this week’s posts have been sparse! I’m going to be working on getting internet at my house here in the next week or so, and then I hope to be back up with regular posting! For a while I stopped by my mom’s house or borrowed my in-laws’ computer and internet to schedule posts, but that gets to be a hassle. When I’m with my parents (either set) or husband, I don’t want to be spending 2-3 hours editing pictures and writing up posts! I want to be visiting and playing games!

In other news, the weather is improving again, and I’ve been inspired to actually keep up the house and garden! I had two nights of complete sleeplessness, so on the second day I forced myself to stay awake from 6am on, and I got SO much done! I haven’t really cleaned my house in about a month. Seriously. It was getting really bad. But now my house is clean, and then I decided to go out and weed the flower garden, which… is a very sad flower garden; it has one huge foxglove plant, and that’s it. Happily, two people have offered me a plethora of flowers to plant there, so soon I’ll have a nice full garden of colorful flowers. I’m so excited!

I love flowers!

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday! It’s almost Friday, yay!


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    oh my goodness you are adorable. I absolutely love your look/style.

  • Salazar

    That curl in your hair is super pretty, and you’re right, it does put a retro vibe on the entire outfit. My hair has a mind of its own, so I can’t do anything with it other than pulling it up and letting my clothes do all the work…

  • iheartfashion_

    I can see myself wearing this exact outfit! it is super cute 🙂

    red is also my favorite color. it is just so pretty.

    I like the curl you have going on there. I actually collect scarves like the one you’re wearing. I get a lot for around twenty-five to fifty cents. When I see them for that cheap, I go CRAZY! I have almost two-hundred.