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Girl on fire


I finally read The Hunger Games a week ago, and today (inspired by Salazar and her always-amazing book-review outfits) I decided to do a Hunger Games inpsired outfit, and give you a sort-of review. I say “sort-of” because it’s been a week and I really should have written a review the day I finished the book. Or at least the day after.

The first thing I can tell you is that I liked it. It wasn’t as grotesque or brutal as I had imagined (given the premise and all), and the end of the book was a fantastic way to get me wanting to read the second one (which I will be doing later today, probably.)



There were a few things I didn’t like. First of all… it’s not a memorable book. I bought it a week ago, I finished it in three days, and now that I’m thinking about it I can only vaguely remember the details. When I read a book, I want to remember it! Novels like Neverwhere, or Jane Eyre, or 1984, that leave me wishing for more and flitting through the story in my head again and again, revisiting the emotions and dreams of the characters… that is how I want a book to leave me.

But right now I only remember bits and pieces, and they’re not very consequential. I didn’t feel like revisiting the characters in my head, and despite my interest in reading the next book, I haven’t once thought back to it itching to know more.  5

Second of all, there were quite a few situations with Katniss where her emotional or physical responses were not, in my opinion, realistic or emotionally rational (for a girl, even.) I didn’t understand her reasoning for reacting in certain ways, which I think is less a character flaw and more the fault of the author for not delving into her head quite enough to give me a real sense of why she should react certain ways to certain things. I didn’t understand quite enough the reason for her label of sullenness (aka why she was considered sullen by others, and why she thought this of herself; it wasn’t shown enough for the considerable amount of times the author called her such), nor how she came to certain “logical” conclusions (in her mind) for the actions of others.

She wasn’t portrayed well enough for me to understand or empathise with her actions and thoughts. 6

Thirdly, there were a few sentences and wordings that, to my editorial brain, could have been written so much better. It is one of my pet peeves to read a book and mentally have to edit sentence structure so that it flows better, and the way she wrote was occasionally confusing, and occasionally just didn’t make sense. Yes, it is written from the perspective of Katniss’s mind and therefore is written via her thoughts, but still. Clarity is needed, and good sentence structure is necessary, even when you’re writing in the first person.

That being said, though, I liked it. It is an interesting story, a unique premise (although I think the reasons for The Hunger Games aren’t delved into enough), and all of the characters had interesting quirks. I especially loved the people from Panem. I think Cinna should have had more air time, because he seemed like someone who would have been very interesting to get to know more. And I haven’t read the rest of the books, so perhaps he does get more time. I hope he does.


(Nerdy, sorry.) My conclusion: I’m glad I bought the book (for a dollar), I think I’ll enjoy reading it again, and I’m eager to read the next two books. Despite its lack of really memorable moments, The Hunger Games was a fun, easy read, and she ended it in a way that it’s impossible not to want to continue. 4

On to the reasoning behind the outfit: I am definitely not a Katniss Everdeen simple-basic-neutral girl, so I went for a bit more of the flamboyant/colorful feel of Panem and her showy outfits there (which, by the way, were very well portrayed and I want them) . This is as good as I could get with the “Girl On Fire” theme. A red dress (fire, obviously), the signature Katniss braid (although I think hers was down her back), a bird pin like the mockingbird pin she wears, and fake leather boots and a belt to hark more towards her huntress side.

I bought this dress last year to wear to my wedding rehearsal, yet I think this is only the second time I’ve worn it on the blog. And now, since it’s stretchy, it’s joined the other dresses in my closet that will work during pregnancy. Until, that is, my belly gets so big it causes the front to rise up too far. It’s already a length that is on the shorter side for me, so I’m not sure how long it will work.89
And of course: bird pin! I think fall is the time when I start wearing brooches more– cold months seem more appropriate for brooches to me– and I thought this bird pin was actually a pretty good twin to the bird on Katniss’s pin. Minus the arrow and the ring, anyway. 1011

These boots have been my sole pair of heeled boots for about two years now, and I love them to death. The heel actually separated from the sole a few months ago, and my hero of a husband figured out how to fix it… but I really need to find a good new pair of boots. These won’t last forever.


Modcloth Dress
Thrifted belt, boots, and pin

This morning, when I woke up I felt this immense pressure on the right side of my stomach. Well, lo and behold, the baby was pushing so hard against that side that there was at least an inch difference from side to side! I wish I could have taken a picture. It was both precious and hilarious. I can only imagine that when I get bigger, I will always be lopsided.

Today, I am off to make pickles with my mom, out of the Canning For A New Generation book. I’m SO excited! My mother-in-law makes her own pickles, and I feel comfortable now admitting they’re not my favorite (great ON things, but not as good to eat alone) since she admitted she’s not fond of them either. The pickle recipe in Canning For A New Generation sound amazing, though, and I think they’ll turn out fantastic!

Do any of you have fun plans for the weekend? And what about you, have you read The Hunger Games? What did you think?

Also, don’t forget! If you’re a Washington blogger, you need to link up on the Washington Bloggers page. Haha! Or, you know, I hope you do, anyway! Let’s show everyone what a great plethora of Washingtonians there are out there!

I hope you all have an absolutely beautiful Friday!


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  • Sarah Whiting

    I love the outfit! The Katniss braid is a side braid, but it starts on one side of her head and ends on the other, just FYI. 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Okay. I knew it was something other than what I did, but I couldn’t remember and was too lazy to look it up. Hehe. I kind of have to do the start-on-one-side and end on the other as it is, because my hair is just a bit too short to stay properly in a normal side braid right now.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Christen! I think I’m going to start trying to find similar items to the ones I wear, since I thrift a lot of my clothes but I want others to find great items, too!

  • Alexandra Marie

    Great review! I think you had some great points. The second and third books aren’t, in my opinion, as good as the first. But finding out the answers to all the mysteries makes them so worth it!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thanks, Alex! I’ve heard the same from other people, that hte second and third books aren’t as good as the first. But I’m definitely looking forward to reading the answers to the mysteries!

  • anon

    Maybe she was sullen because she was being forced to fight for her life? More than a little confused as to why you would expect a positive outlook on that. Also raising an eyebrow at the “for a girl, even” — as if only girls experience strong emotion or act irrationally. REALLY.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I suppose I didn’t quite clarify myself enough on the point of sullenness: I don’t mean I didn’t understand why she would be sullen, for she certainly does have enough reasons. What I meant, and thought I made clearer with the parenthetical statement, was that I didn’t find her to BE sullen. Hot headed, yes, but not brooding or quietly angry or disliking anything and everyone as “sullen” suggests.

      And of course women are not the only people who emote and react irrationally, but my point was that even if she were being written as a completely irrational girl, her character was not explained or delved into deep enough, so certain actions, thoughts, and reactions did not make sense given the context of the situation and what you might expect her to do. Merely, I did not think the author wrote enough into her psyche that it made sense with her character to do certain things. Even for an irrational girl, which she did not seem to be.
      Although I have yet to meet a girl or woman who was less emotional and more logical than a man. It’s not a demeaning statement, for there are many strengths to acting on emotion rather than rationale. Many times logical actions are not based on understanding, sympathy, or grace.
      Anyway. I apologize for the lack of clarity those two statements had. I hope you understand my thoughts a little better now.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! I really loved this outfit; it might be the boots. These are my favorite.
      It IS fun! It takes a long time, but canning is really, really fun. I can’t wait to share the results of all of my canning adventures!

  • Salazar

    I pretty much agree with everything you said here. I much prefer the movie Katniss (well the fact that it’s Jennifer Lawrence helps.) And I get super annoyed with the love triangle as it goes on.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, yeah; I really like Jennifer Lawrence. I want to watch the movie again, but my husband is a movie snob so I have to sneak it without him. 😀 Haha!
      My co-worker was saying the same thing! She listened to the books, and said she got SO tired of the “Oh, Peeta! Oh, Gale!” back and forth. I’m sure I will, too.

      • Salazar

        What, he doesn’t want to watch big box office movies? Come on. Those are called “popcorn movies” for a reason. I’m a film student, so I’d say save the serious movies for the classroom!

        • Eccentric Owl

          Haha, no, it’s more like he doesn’t like teen-fiction type movies (or books.) I think it’s much like how I get annoyed reading certain books because in my mind I could have written it so much better; he doesn’t enjoy watching certain movies because he has ideas that could have made it better (he’s into filmmaking).

  • kelly loh

    Katniss is sullen because she doesn’t know how to relate or be around people. Her dad, the main source of happiness in her life died and then her mom went mentally MIA and she nearly starved to death with her sister. Having to step up and be the provider and caretaker for your family, especially for your parent, makes people very angry. She learns from like the age of ten to view people on a scale of will they help or hurt her purpose(taking care of her sister) and most people are more trouble than they’re worth. So she isn’t friendly and she’s very resentful but she’s quiet–because she knows speaking up gets you in trouble–so she seems sullen to others and like anyone, if she’s told something about herself enough she begins to think it too. She also hates owing people, and she takes kindness very seriously so if you’re kind to her she feels like she owes a kindness to you and she has to repay it, so it’s better to just not deal with people than to be constantly worrying and caring about them–she barely manages caring about the few people she has already. I don’t know if she’s logical so much as practical because her mindset for pretty much all her life has been to just survive.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ah, I just re-explained what I meant by that a few comments down: the parenthetical statement didn’t clarify enough apparently! I did not find her to be sullenly *portrayed*. I didn’t understand why she considered herself sullen nor why others labeled her as sullen. She certainly had many reasons to be so, but to me she was more hot headed than sullen. 🙂

      • kelly loh

        Haha yeah I read it, I was trying to clarify that people think she’s sullen because she doesn’t talk to people and she isn’t friendly, so she seems like she’s an angry quiet person and maybe she considers herself to be sullen is because other people tell her so.

        • Eccentric Owl

          Right. I guess that makes sense! I did love the story, and I think her character was great. I guess I’m just picky with words, haha! Comes from being very editorial, and also writing my own stories. 😀

  • Jamie Rose

    I love this themed post! Especially since I really enjoyed The Hunger Games books. I think my favorite may be the second one though, so I hope you enjoy that one more! They were just really entertaining, easy-to-read books.

    I think this outfit reflects the book perfectly. Your red dress is gorgeous on you and the boots are great with it. I’m loving your bird pin too! I actually saw someone with an actual mockingjay pin in one of my classes last week. I think I may need one too.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I really loved reading The Hunger Games, and I think I’ll definitely like re-reading them (they’re the kind of books you can do that with!). I can’t wait to keep reading; I haven’t had time yet!

      Ah, it would be so cool to have an actual mockingjay pin! I like nerdy things like that, hehe.

  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    Yeah, I thought The Hunger Games was a quick, fun read, nothing overly original or amazing but fairly well executed.

    You should do more of these! I really enjoyed reading the review and looking at the themed pictures. 😉

    • Eccentric Owl

      I really want to do more! I really want to try to read at least one book a week (or every two weeks) and it’s good motivation to do a themed outfit with the book review. Since, you know, I love doing themed outfits. And reading.

  • Becca Lee

    Gorgeous! You look great in red! I really liked reading the Hunger Games books- so addictive. I’m looking forward to hearing how your pickled turn out!

    Ladyface Blog

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! It’s a good thing, because red is my favorite color. I need more red things in my life.
      They ARE addictive; I finished the first one in only a few hours, but spread over three days. Can’t wait to keep reading!
      I think the pickles are going to be AMAZING! I checked them yesterday at my mom’s house, and oh my goodness, they smell delicious. I cannot WAIT to try them.

  • lanette pieterse

    I totally agree with you on how memorable the books are. Which is not all bad, I read all three last year, and can’t really remember what happened in detail. So going to see the second movie later this year should be great because I don’t have too many ideas of how I want it to be portrayed. Which is often the problem with reading the book first and then watching the movie. For me anyway.

    Secondly, those boots are perfect!

    • Eccentric Owl

      No, it’s not necessarily a terrible thing that they aren’t too memorable; it certainly makes it fun to watch the movies, since then you don’t remember what happens! And it also makes it easier to re-read them.

      Thank you!

  • Christy

    Haha, you are so cute 🙂 I love this hunger games inspired outfit. The odds would SO totally be in your favor. I haven’t read the hunger games, but I saw the first movie and it was awesome! I’m awful with books because I don’t savor the details….. I just always end up skipping to the end so I’ll know the spoiler. I know I’m terrible.



    PS- thanks so much for leaving such thoughtful comments on my blog. I’ve really enjoyed coming back and reading your posts as well!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Christy! It was really fun creating an inspired outfit; I want to do it regularly since I love reading, and reading+fashion is a dream combination for me!

      You are welcome! I really enjoy your blog, and your style, and your beautiful little family!