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Doppleganger Makeup: Cher


Ever since I parted my hair in the middle this weekend, I had about… oh, I dunno… everyone commenting to say I looked like a young (pregnant, less plastic) Cher. So, of course, what is a girl to do but steal makeup ideas? And I don’t know you guys, I actually see it now that I did this makeup.

So let’s get started!


You will need: foundation, concealer, eyeshadow primer (optional), black and neutral shadow (used: Night Sky and Champagne Fizz), taupe shadow (I used the one from the Natural Smokes pallet), shimmery dark brown and shimmery cream shadows, bronzer, black or brown eyeliner, black mascara, and a brownish-nude lipstick (that link is what would be better than what I had).


First, of course, start with your regular foundation/concealer routine. Once you’ve got coverage going, draw a line of concealer down from the middle of your eyebrows to your chin (more or less), and add a few dots in the middle of your face next to your nose (where your cheeks start). Blend those in. Then, apply your bronzer (instead of blush) towards the back of your face, stopping before you get to the apples of your cheeks, and blending upwards on your cheekbone towards your eyebrows.


With your neutral shadow (this should be something that is only a shade or two lighter than your skin color, and only very slightly shimmery), pat along your brow bone down to your crease. Then, with your shimmery cream shadow (and go full-on shimmer with this one), fill in from the inner corner of your eye to about halfway over your lid, and up to the crease.


Using your taupe shadow, fill out the rest of your eyelid from the middle to the end of your lid, and press a little into your crease as well.


Time for some drama! With your dark brown shade, press shadow onto the outer corners of your eyelids, creating a triangle of darker color from the middle of your lid up to your crease and down to your lash line. Draw a bit of this shadow underneath your lower lash line as well. This color should be good and concentrated. Blend it gently into the lighter colors, but make sure not to draw it too far to the inside corners of your lid. It shouldn’t go past the middle of your eye.


With your liner — and I don’t have black liner, so I had to improvise a bit with brown — draw a line from the outside corner of your lid to about where your Iris stops (just past the middle of your eyelid). This can be thick, and it can be messy. Then, line the waterlines of your eyes. This might seem scary, but it’s actually not painful at all.


And if, like me, you have no black eyeliner, take your eyeliner brush and your black eyeshadow, and press along the liner on your eyelids, smudging as you go. You can also press shadow over the liner on your waterline and in the corners of your eyes if you like (I did) to mimic black liner, or you can skip it if you think that might irritate your eyes.

Still with the black liner, very lightly draw into the crease of your eyelid from the outer corner to the middle.

Blend lightly.


To add depth and make sure your colors are blended well, go back with your shimmery cream shadow and layer over the inner corners of your eyes. Then, take your taupe shadow and lightly dust over that. And lastly, with your dark brown shadow, softly blend over 3/4ths of your eyelid, staying away from the very inside corners. Make sure this is all blended well.


If you have fallout eyeshadow or any unwanted smudging beneath your eyes, clean up the area with some concealer. Then, add a boatload of mascara, focusing especially on the outer corners of your eyes, and swipe over your lips with your nude lipstick. I generally never wear nude lipstick as I have very pink coloring and it’s not flattering, so what I had was considerably lighter than what Cher was wearing in the picture.

But hey, these tutorials are not about using exactly the same things, they’re about creating a similar look with what you have on hand! If you want to be exact, though, shoot for a nice light cinnamon color.

And you’re done!26

I love the way this looks, but I have no intentions of ever wearing this much makeup on a daily basis. It feels so weird!

31 29

And now I feel like instead of making me into Cher, this has turned me into a Kardashian. Oh dear.

I hope you all enjoyed this, and find it easy to replicate!

Happy Tuesday!


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