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Every once in a while, I actually let my hair be its natural self– straight–, and when I do I get this urge to part my hair in the middle. I personally love it– somehow it makes me feel a bit more glamorous than a side part — but my husband? Well… it’s been a journey.

First, it was that he didn’t like it, and he couldn’t tell me why. Then, I finally dug out of him that I don’t look like me with my hair like this — aka, it’s just not what he’s used to. Then, he started to just look at me funny before he figured out I’d parted my hair in the middle.

And now, he just calls me 70’s girl.

I think it’s growing on him. Well, that, or he’s given up trying to convince me not to part my hair down the middle. Ha!


I have been dying to wear this vintage silk kimono ever since I found it (for one dollar, you guys. Yes. A dollar); the color is so gorgeous, and it has this really amazing subtle leafy print, and it’s so, so soft. But for some reason I’ve never been able to style it with my usual outfits. I think it’s so flowing it really needs to be worn with a very relaxed outfit. And weekends are the perfect time to wear something really low key! I wore this on Saturday. It will be my new go-to outfit when I’m feeling lazy yet still want to look put together. Seriously, there is nothing more comfortable than a white tee, maternity jeans, and a silk kimono.

I can also imagine wearing it with a really long, flowing, ruffly maxi dress. So I need to find one of those soon.


And motorcycle boots. I didn’t mention this last time I posted them, but I just bought these, and they’re so comfortable! Thank you, JC Penney for having boots that fit and aren’t really expensive. Now my feet won’t get wet when it’s raining. Plus, I think boots+jeans looks much more put together on me than jeans+flats.

I think I might start to wear my hair straight and middle-parted more often, especially now that it’s finally getting long. I’ve been wanting a little change with my hair, and switching up the part is a good way to get a different look without cutting or dyeing it. Several friends have said I look like a young Cher with my hair like this.

What do you think? I could totally pass for a young, pregnant, less plastic Cher, right? Haha!


Although that DOES give me quite a few ideas for some makeup tutorials. Totally want to do this look. And THIS! Ah, I’m going to have to get some fake lashes.

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll do some doppelganger makeup looks; so far I have been told I look like Kirsten Stewart, Cher, Lucy Griffiths, and Katy Perry. And they all have such different looks (or in the case of Cher and Katy Perry, so MANY different looks) I could get quite a lot of makeup tutorials out of them!414

So lately I have really wanted to grow my nails out, but since I tend to do a lot with my hands and I don’t really take care of my nails (I  uhm.. sort of peeled off the gel nail polish which also took some of my  nail off with it…), they’re kind of in a terrible state right now. The ends are cracking, and they basically break off anytime I get my hands wet.

It’s time to get some rubber gloves for washing dishes! I’m going to try the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength formula, and hopefully that works. I’ve tried Nail Tek before, but the stuff I have is kind of old and I wasn’t very consistent with it. So I’m determined to be consistent, protect my hands, and get all of my nails to be the same length so I can do this with them again. I did that for my wedding, and I LOVE how retro it looks!

Do any of you have tips for making your nails grow/strengthen?
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Fred Meyer tee | Motherhood jeans | JC Penney Motorcycle Boots | Vintage Kimono (similar)

Well, this morning was one of those mornings where I woke up and just started crying for no reason. I am pretty sure it’s because we stayed up late last night and ate a lot of junk food. I love peanut butter M&M’s and Cheez-It’s, but OH my goodness they make me so grumpy! It’s crazy how food can affect you. Now that I’ve basically eliminated all the problem food groups from my diet, I notice so much more how bad foods make me feel when I eat them.

Have you guys ever noticed certain foods that just make you grumpy? It’s the weirdest thing, to me!

I hope you all have a good Monday!


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  • Mom

    It is amazing to me how much you look like me! Especially with your hair parted in the middle. I used to do that : ) Yes for your nails take calcium supplement. It really strengthens your nails and is good for you while pregnant!

  • Marla Rogers

    I LOVE the middle part :] And I can’t believe that kimono was only a dollar, it’s so perfect and would be GORGEOUS with a maxi dress too! I’m looking forward to all your makeup tutorials :]

  • Melissa McBride

    You look great girl! 🙂 Little bump is growing so cutely. <3 And yes, you could possibly pass for Cher!

  • Girl and Closet

    Love the kimono and your hair looks amazing like that!! You should so switch to a middle part! <3 As for the food? Yup, can vouch for that. I'm gluten intolerant and if I have even a trace of it in my food… I feel like I've been hit by a bus! It's awful!!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

      • Eccentric Owl

        Thank you, Veronika! I’m definitely going to work the middle part into my hairstyles more often, and see if I can’t sway my husband to like it. 😉

        Oh, and thank you! My husband picked it out all by himself; didn’t he do an amazing job? I LOVE my ring.

  • Salazar

    A young Cher is what came to my mind when I first saw these photos too! Though now that you mention Lucy Griffiths, I can kinda see it as well (I only know her as Marian from the BBC “Robin Hood” series, and gods, her character is so annoying.)

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha, I only ever got through the first season of the BBC Robin Hood, so I don’t think she was that bad in that season. I did get a little annoyed with her, though.

  • Becca Lee

    Your hair looks gorgeous straight like this! I pretty much love your hair no matter what you do with it. I’m always wishing my hair would just make up its mind. When I let it air dry it has a bit of a wave to it, but is still pretty straight. I just want it to commit to one or the other! Haha.

    I LOVE the idea of doing doppelganger make-up tutorials. I also wish I had some tips on growing out your nails, but I hate when my nails get long, so they never make it too far! Good luck!

    Ladyface Blog

    • Eccentric Owl

      Aw, thank you! I always wished my hair would have some wave to it, because sometimes it’s so darn straight and slippery it just won’t do ANYTHING.

      I’m so excited for the doppleganger makeup tutorials; I think it’s really fun creating makeup looks based on what I have on hand, and then when you add in doing makeup looks based on people who look like me that makes it double the fun!
      Oh, nails. I love having longish nails, but they always break off because I just don’t pay attention to my hands. So I’m determined to grow and keep them at the length I want!

  • Myranda Walno

    Your ring is stunning! Your hair looks great with a middle part (I wish I could change up my part- darn you, widow’s peak!) And now I have to check out JCPenney for some boots… Are your jeans very narrow at the ankle? I always have a heck of a time keeping pants tucked into boots. Any tips?