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Love and Fall Leaves


On Sunday, my husband and I went in search of some good fall trees to shoot photos, and we found the perfect location in the parking lot of a school close to where I grew up. They have the most gorgeous red and yellow trees right now! Oh my goodness, I could have died.

And in a moment of rarity, I let my husband do the picture-taking. I’m so picky about pictures, and I definitely need to learn to relax and let him do his thing, because he is an excellent photographer. I’m just a control freak when it comes to taking outfit pictures, ha!


It was a lot of fun once I reminded myself to stop being so bossy and let him take more control. I like to have input when taking pictures, probably because I’m so used to doing it myself (I’ve been taking my own blog pictures since who knows when!), but also because I tend to hate pictures other people take of me.

But I should have known to trust his shots. He gets some really good ones.


Plus, I then had the opportunity to take pictures of him, which, you know, I like to do. It’s rare to get him being serious (reference instavideo here), but usually when he has the opportunity to dress up, he will behave a little better. Although then, he goes all model-face on me and starts to flare his nostrils and squint, so I have yet to train him out of that. Hehe.

20 22

JC Penney jacket (similar)| Target pants (similar) and shirt (similar)| Marshall’s Shoes (similar) | Old vest (Similar)

But then he stops trying to model, and… well, let’s just say I’m a really lucky girl.


19 1

And then, of course, we got to do a mushy picture.

9 28

Tomorrow is Halloween already. I can’t believe it. Mr. Owl and I haven’t even gone to a pumpkin patch yet, sadly! And I’m sure the haunted corn mazes will be done doing haunted things by the time we get to one, so we’ll just have to settle for a regular corn maze.

My family never did Halloween, so I’ve never gone trick-or-treating or gotten dressed up in the costumes (which was the only part I ever wished I could do as a kid– what little girl doesn’t want to traipse around town in a costume?), and our October 31st tradition was to settle in and watch a good movie with some good snacks.

And now, the only thing I think I’d enjoy about Halloween, other than costumes, which are always fun, is handing out candy to cute little kids. But we live down such a dark driveway I doubt we’ll get any trick-or-treaters.


That’s okay, though. I don’t know whether our family will ever celebrate Halloween. I know one of my sister-in-laws takes her kids trick-or-treating downtown where the candy handout is insanely huge, but other than her I don’t know if any of my family does anything (except the old movie-watching tradition). And I don’t know if me and Mr. Owl and our kids will ever celebrate it. I mean, we can totally get dressed up in costumes and buy our own candy any day of the year. So… y’know. Haha!

So, random history because I’m a total nerd sometimes: did you know that originally, Halloween began with the Celts? For them, October 31st was the last day of the year. On that day, which they called Samhain, they believed that the line between the living and the dead was blurred, and the ghosts of the dead walked the earth. They dressed up in costumes made out of animal skins, and thought that the presence of the otherworld made it easier for their Druids and priests to predict the future.

However, the word Halloween is of Christian origin — which doesn’t surprise me as the Celts were extremely religious and some of the first to turn to Christianity/Catholicism — and means “hallowed day” or “holy day.”

I’m always really fascinated by the history of things like this. Possibly because I absolutely love the Celts and think they were kind of amazing people, and I have all of this random history in my head from researching for stories I’ve written.

4 3

Romy dress (similar) | Thrifted trench coat (same?) and belt | Target heels (same).

So what do you all do for Halloween? Any fun traditions? Did you grow up celebrating it, or not? What are you going to be, if you’re celebrating it?

I’m definitely going to be doing some sort of costume-esque post tomorrow, or at least a Disney Princess inspired outfit. Because I really want to be a Disney Princess, and also because I want to find something I already have that can be used to create a costume.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


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  • jacquelinefrey

    my parents never allowed my sibs or i to trick or treat, and i used to feel left out of the fun (even though i understood their reasoning.) now i’m “grown up” and i have a 4 year old, an 18 month old and a baby on the way in january and for the first time ever my husband and i took our kids trick or treating downtown last weekend. it was so much fun, for the kids as well as my husband and i!

    • Eccentric Owl

      It sounds like so much fun. I never felt left out growing up and not trick-or-treating, but our kids will probably go trick-or-treating with their cousins just because for kids it’s more about getting to play and have fun with cousins than it is about the actual holiday! And also because I totally want to dress up for it. 😉 Haha!

  • Elana

    So I think you should have Mr. Owl take all of your photos for you from now on, because this may just be my favorite post from you, ever. Maybe it’s just the combination of the gorgeous white dress, the trench, and the beautiful leaves, but I just love everything about this. Of course, you guys are such a stunning couple, that it doesn’t hurt too 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      You’re probably right! I tend to take my own pictures just because I like to do it AND it’s harder to get him out when I want to take pictures. 😀 Haha! But if I just relax and let him do his thing, his pictures are definitely better than what I can get on my own!

      I love this post, too. Fall + trench coat + a very hot man = best blog post ever. 😀 Hehehe.

  • Becca Lee

    Uh, ya’ll look amazing in these photos! What a gorgeous setting!

    I can’t imagine not trick-or-treating as a kid! But you’re so right, you can dress up any day! I walk by a school around the time the kids are arriving when I head to work in the morning so I’ve got my fingers majorly crossed that I get to see a bunch of cute kids in costumes. Last year I saw a tiny kid dressed as a lion that was so cute I felt like I was going to die!

    I’ve got some Halloween karaoke to go to tomorrow night, which should be pretty fun! I hope you guys enjoy your night in!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Amia

    I love the pictures of you and Mr. Owl, you too are a stunningly gorgeous couple! It depended on the year with my family. We always dressed up (I love themes!), but some years we trick or treated, and some years we would pass out candy. The old movie watching tradition sounds like fun too 🙂

  • Salazar

    Gorgeous pictures. You guys are so cute!
    We don’t do Halloween in Vietnam either, so I’m just going to celebrate with some movies too (Hotel Transylvania and ParaNorman, because I’m a kid at heart :D)

  • Runes and Rhinestones

    Beautiful photos! I bought some sweets for Hallowe’en this year, but I think my other half will be eating them as usual! Just planning a quiet night in gaming 😀

  • Myranda Walno

    I think I recognize your setting 🙂 Possibly Secluded Brook? If so, my mom lives basically across the street… The photography is amazing! I love autumn… As for me, growing up we never celebrated Halloween, dressed up, or trick-or-treated. We always had a church harvest party to meet our candy needs. 😉 My baby is 10 months old and we are choosing not to celebrate, although my husband’s tradition is to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters (he says so we don’t become targets for pranks by being anti-Halloween… $20 candy insurance haha!)

  • Katie Viola

    This post is so cute! Your husband took great pictures of you. Also, your husband is super cute and this might sound weird, but I think he looks a lot like MY husband (when he had long hair!). Long lost brothers? 😉

  • Jamie Rose

    Some of my favorite memories as a kid are dressing up on Halloween and going trick-or-treating. I can’t imagine a childhood without that! My mom always made our costumes and decorated the whole house. We kind of go all-out for holidays. I still dress up for Halloween and watch the Halloween movies I have to watch each year. It’s so much fun. But anyway, I think you’d have a lot of fun dressing up your little boy for Halloween!
    Also these pictures turned out so nice! You two look great in your outfits and the fall colors are gorgeous.