Saturday Sillies

Since I didn’t post much this week (I admit: I’ve been really lazy lately), I thought I’d share some outtakes from the last few months. Ever since Jessi posted outtakes of herself, I thought it was really fun (and funny), so I have a little store of photos to share with you all. Here are the things you don’t know about me.


I am not one of those blessed graceful hair-flippers. At all. That shot? It was on purpose. Didn’t quite turn out as glamorously as I had hoped.

Faces 1

And when I’m not getting the shot I want, I make a lot of faces.


Faces 2

A LOT of faces.



17 16

And if I’m ever anywhere low to the ground, along comes the neighbor’s cat. I love him. But he’s not helpful when I’m supposed to be a dead Snow White.


I get surprised that I can actually balance things on my head. Not so surprised the pose didn’t work out, though.


Leaves… don’t always participate.

13 11

And sometimes posing with them just gets awkward.


I can be a creeper, even while pregnant.


Lots of outtakes are me saying “what?” because I wasn’t listening to my husband’s directions.


Or doing this because he told me to pose.


Did I mention the faces thing?IMG_4117


I’m sexy and you know it. (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Now that you know why I laugh when people tell me I’m elegant. Yeah. Those people don’t know the real me at all.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  • Jamie Rose

    Ahahaha! I love this post so so much. I make a ton of faces in everyday life so my pictures end up with them too – especially if someone else it taking my picture. I really should put a post together like this sometime soon because there are some photo gems in my collection. I think my favorite here is the one of the cat climbing on top of you. I actually lol-ed.

  • Desarae

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing your fun outtakes with us, I started doing that on my blog a couple months back, and I think it so much fun, for both parties! 🙂

  • Salazar

    OK, not gonna lie: that first picture of you and the kitty looks like he just murdered you. And if you weren’t making silly face in the second one, it’d look like he was gloating over your body 😛

    I need to make more silly faces in my photos. But I always end up looking deranged anyway.

  • Marla Rogers

    I don’t know how you pull off faces so well…mine are always ugly haha. I really like this post, thanks for sharing these outtakes :] You’re right, it totally shows another side of you that we don’t see very often. And now I just wish even more that we could hang out in real life because you seem even cooler than I originally thought teehee.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I wish we could hang out in real life, too! It’s funny how bits of my personality just somehow don’t make it onto the blog. In real life, I laugh a LOT and I can be a total goof-off, and I think I have a side of facetiousness that people don’t expect. Hehe.

  • Myranda Walno

    Love this post! Especially the leaves on your eyes lol… Your personality shines through… Can we be friends? 🙂