Sponsor Spotlight: Shop Vintage Minnie Wishlist

Hi everyone! Today I’m having a very lazy day, and what better way to spend a lazy day than to window shop on Etsy?

You all know one of my lovely sponsors from the gorgeous red dress she sent me (that I wear like crazy), so I thought I’d introduce a few other AMAZING items in her shop that I’m currently drooling over!iusb_760x100.12698592_90shSVM Collage


As you can see, I’m currently on a blue and red kick, and I cannot WAIT until I’m done being pregnant so that vintage plaid skirts fit me again. I seriously miss them, and these two from Shop Vintage Minnie are absolutely gorgeous. But hey, while I’m waiting, I can always find a great plaid cape instead!

I am also dying over how amazing this velvet dress is. I’ve been really into velvet lately, and one of these days I am determined to find one that works with the pregnant belly. Till then, I’ll just drool over hers!

And I think my brain has started to kick into spring mode, because I’m so drawn to this floral skirt, which would actually work really well through the fall and winter with its colors, and this amazing, amazing cutout back 80’s dress, and this beautiful mint green 70’s dress (by the time spring comes, it would fit me!), and my favorite, this super awesome blue floral print shift dress. I’m in love with how mod it is!

Come spring, you can bet I’m going to be scouring Minnie’s shop for some good vintage to wear! What I love about her shop is that her items are both amazing AND reasonably priced. I admit, some of the items are high on my price range, but I’d still get them.

And last but certainly  not least, how gorgeous is this polkadot dress? The skirt! I could die.

Seriously, all of these beautiful vintage items are the only reason I wish I was done being pregnant already. Nine more weeks, and I swear one of those beauties will belong to me.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday? Any fun favorites that you’ve spotted lately?


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