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Burgundy, mustard, and a skull


Do you ever have one of those outfits where as soon as you put it on, you just feel absolutely beautiful? I hope you all do. Because those outfits are the best. This is one of them, for me! I had been eying this dress from Target’s maternity section for quite a while based solely on the color, but the nearly-$30 price tag deterred me from ever trying it on, as did the obviously body conscious silhouette.

Until, that is, I went to Target in search of a good maternity sweater, saw the dress hanging with the 70% off clearance items, and decided “ah, might as well try it on!” And then I nearly didn’t, because the only sizes they had were small or large, and I assumed with the figure-hugging form of the dress I’d probably be right between the two. But I grabbed both sizes anyway, and went off to the dressing room.

And then discovered that both dresses were small.


But hey, it’s super stretchy and ruched, so I figured I might as well try! And thank goodness I did, because the more I wear it, the more I love it. I totally feel like the hot pregnant wife in this. Haha!

Also, thank goodness for the three women who all told me to get it while I hesitated in front of the dressing room mirror, or I might have left it anyway! Mr. Owl expressed once that he doesn’t like dresses that are super figure-hugging, so I had my doubts. But when I got home and put it on, he approved whole-heartedly. I think really, he’s just not fond of my black-and-white Asos maternity dress, because it’s a very modern print and he dislikes the length.

20 4

But this dress! I didn’t realize until I saw the pictures that you can tell my bellybutton hasn’t quite popped yet (it’s so very shallow, though!), but oh well! I love that it emphasizes my belly to the max. And I am in love with this color.

Or this color combination. This cardigan was also on clearance at Target, and it’s the softest cardigan EVER. Love. I think mustard and burgundy might be my favorite colors right now.


I have to apologize to any of you that notice the pictures are just barely out of focus. The neighbors were out doing yard work, and since they’re on the same piece of property (two houses on the same lot, both rented out) there are very few places I can go to not be seen by them when they’re outside. So I was sort of hiding behind these trees, and trying to get pictures quickly, and totally forgot to check that my focus was good.

Oops. But at least it’s not CRAZY bad focus, just… you know, enough to look a teeny bit off. And at least when I went in for detail shots, I checked the focus.

15 21

I cannot believe how cold it’s getting now! I absolutely LOVE the weather. We’ve woken up to frosty mornings 3-4 times in a row now, and I am letting my hopes get up for snow, because seriously… we need a good snow. Not that I can take a snow day from work, unless the internet goes out, but… I’d still love to get snowed in. With power, since our car has bald tires and we would have no source of heat if the power crashed…

I guess I would love to get snowed in under my own terms. Ha!5

I hope you all had a good weekend! We didn’t really do much of anything special, but it was definitely busy. I think the funniest thing that happened was our dump trip — we don’t use curbside pickup service because it’s a little cheaper to just run to the dump and do our own recycling, since we only live 5 minutes away. Usually we go to the dump on Fridays or Saturdays, but this week we went on a Sunday. And, since it was right after church, the husband still had on his church clothes (just add a black coat and sunglasses, and that’s how he looked).

Well, we pull into the slot to dump the cans, and in the truck next to us are four girls probably… anywhere from 18-21, all in their pajama pants and sweatshirts, messy hair, slept-in makeup, the works, obviously just having a lazy Sunday while they dumped a mattress and some other stuff. So he gets out of the car, and pulls the first trash can, and they all stop to watch, then one girl says “That’s almost YouTube-able, a guy dumping his trash in designer clothing!” and they all giggle.


Target dress, sweater {similar}, and heels | Elk head necklace c/o Oasap

It was painfully obvious they all thought he was pretty hot, and I just had to laugh. For one, because they weren’t very subtle, and then they couldn’t stop watching him dump the second can, and then I’m pretty sure they were all wishing they hadn’t come to the dump in their pajama pants and sweatshirts. I also had to laugh at myself, because I definitely felt the urge to step out of the car and bring to their attention that 1. he was taken, and 2. his pregnant wife looked pretty good and was not wearing pj pants, a sweatshirt, messy hair, and no makeup. Ah, the competitive nature that rises when a good looking man is around. Haha!

So that was our weekend adventure. That, and finding out that the bookcase Mr. Owl made for someone was just barely too big to fit up their staircase, so now we get to haul it into their upstairs through their balcony. That will be interesting!

Well, today I need to majorly clean the house, and write up a grocery list. Hopefully I don’t forget to include the things I’m making for Thanksgiving! I’m going to try making Paleo pumpkin pie and coconut macaroons, and I’m just crossing my fingers that they turn out. Of course, I’m following a recipe and the other things I’ve tried from that cookbook have been great, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t! Are any of you trying some fun recipes for Thanksgiving?

I hope you all have a good Monday!


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  • Mom

    You are so beautiful! I love the dress! You did go to a birthday party this weekend, too. I laughed when I read about the dump, hee, hee!

  • Becca Lee

    Gorgeous! These colors are great on you! I’d be down for a snow day, but I’m hoping it holds off until after the holidays. After that, I say let it snow!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Marla Rogers

    SO PERFECT. That burgundy is perfect on you and the outfit is so flattering! Also I’ve been meaning to comment on the body image one you posted last week, I just haven’t had time but I will asap…it was truly beautiful. And do you take your own photos?! I thought you had your husband or someone do it…how do you do it!! I’m amazed!

  • christen

    I’m glad you feel like the hot pregnant wife, because you totally look like/you are one! love this outfit on you and I agree the color combo is fab.